Feed by Mira Grant

Mira Grant’s Feed is the first book in her Newsflesh series. Sadly, it will be the last I read from this zombie series. I get that, when reading a zombie novel, one must suspend disbelief considering that zombies are not real. But Grant’s novel, set in the mid-21st century, seemed implausible on so many levels.

First, I should set the stage for you: the zombie uprising has occurred, but civilization still thrives. If I remember correctly, the zombiefication of most of the world happened a few years prior to 2016. The book places us in 2040 and there is a presidential election underway. Our story focuses on a trio of bloggers who are following one candidate. The trio is made up of a newsie, a fictional and an Irwin. The Irwin goes out a pokes zombies for a living. The writing, the style of speaking was straight out of today rather than something else, something different, something change due to, say, a zombie uprising.

In this world that is half zombie and half civilization, most people do not like to gather in groups as people can spontaneously turn into zombies without being bit. And yet, manufacturing of cars and computers continues as well as gasoline production and electricity is plentiful. There are no shortages. People continue on with their lives in their fortified cocoons with the only inconvenience being a myriad of blood tests and, well, zombies. They still have that problem. Otherwise, no explanation of how life continues with out a hitch.

The story moved along well, but the reader should be able to easily guess who is behind all of the intrigue and subterfuge. And then the ending of Feed is pure B-movie action with plenty of B-movie plot holes.

I am still looking for a good zombie novel to read.

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