The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

There are spoilers in this review. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Reading The Girl of the Train was assigned to me by my wife for two reasons:

  1. She knows I love mysteries
  2. The movie was coming out and we are going to go

However, after reading Meghan Abbott’s The End of Everything, I wasn’t too excited about reading another domestic noir book. And, especially after the success of Hawkins’ book as well as Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, the proliferation of books with Girl has become nauseating.

Unlike my other reviews, where I tend to shy away from plot spoilers, this review will reveal how did it. Sadly, as much as I enjoyed the Hawkins’ writing, the hole in the plot when we finally discover who the murderer is gigantic, big enough to drive a lorry through it.

The novel is told by three characters: Megan, Anna, and Rachel. Each of these characters is extremely flawed but as we soon find out, the men in their lives are equally as flawed. Each chapter is broken by character, the date and the time of day which usually coincide with a morning and evening entry. Rachel is the girl on the train and Megan is the girl that gets murdered. At the end of the novel, when the twist of who the murderer was unveiled, I was pissed. Throughout the book, Megan spoke to the reader and never once mentioned that the killer was her lover, not once!. Disappointed.

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