Three Kinds of Fool by Matt Phillips

It doesn’t take long in Matt PhillipsThree Kinds of Fool (All Due Respect Books), for regret to set in on the main character, it takes two paragraphs.

Jess Forsyth took the same freeway exit as Mikey Watt— it was east of the city— and powered his black Nissan mini-truck past a smattering of half-assed mobile homes flanked by dirt lots and rusted swing sets. Up ahead, Mikey’s taillights flashed red at a four-way stop and Jess slowed for a moment, watched Mikey through the yellow cab’s rear window as he looked both ways and punched the gas.

Jess said to himself, “I shouldn’t be doing this.”

Three Kinds of Fool is the story of an ex-con who has gotten his shit together by leading a somewhat normal life of cleaning pools and surfing. But Jess doesn’t always make the best decisions and it doesn’t help matters much that he likes drinking in dive bars frequented by old criminal associates. Jess meets up with Mikey and they head out to a beach house ostensibly for an introduction to a man who has a job for them to do, a job that would entail a little bit of trouble. The reader finds out quickly that Jess has gotten himself neck deep into some serious shit.

Phillips’novel is part history, how Jess became a convict and his friendship with the store owner he held up, how Jess attempts to dig himself out of the mess Watt go him into, and  will Jess ever be able to get back to his newly established boring life. I quite enjoyed Three Times of Fool.

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