Cleaning Up Finn by Sarah M. Chen

Cleaning Up Finn by Sarah M ChenFinn Roose likens himself as a player as he hits on female customers of a chain restaurant that he manages in Sarah M. Chen‘s Cleaning Up Finn (All Due Respect Books). Chen does not paint an appetizing picture of Finn’s despicableness and even though he is somewhat a likeable loser, he thinks much more of himself.

Finn’s latest target is Rhonda Havemeyer aka Ronnie.

Finn flashed his most charming smile. Oh boy, a college student. How he did love the college students. They were at that ideal age, the perfect combination of naïveté and bold self-assurance. Eager to try anything.

The only catch was, after their date, she disappears and the police suspected foul play. Chen’s novel retraces Finn’s last five days as he tries to figure out what happened. Cleaning Up Finn also looks at Finn’s past on how he got to be managing a restaurant, how he went to jail, and his strained relationship with his best friend from high school. Finn isn’t someone you’d want to bring home to meet Mom and Dad; shit, he isn’t even someone you would want to have a few beers with. But to Chen’s credit, she creates a character that most would despise, you do find yourself rooting for him now and then.

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