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Noir on the Radio

Most may know Greg Barth as the author of the Selena series, currently at four books but soon to be five. Another gig Barth does is the host of a weekly radio show-slash-podcast called Noir on the Radio. Barth interviews writers of crime fiction about their work, how they got into the genre and any tips for aspiring writers. (The biggest tip that seems to be given is to write and just finish that damn first draft.)

I have listened to a few episodes now, two from writers I was unfamiliar with, Dharma Kelleher and Jame DiBiasio, and two of which I had read some of the work, Rob Pierce and Daniel Vlastay. Barth’s interview style is conversational and he does a wonderful job getting the writers to talk about their work. As a reader, I enjoy these interviews as Barth and the interviewee will often chat about the writers that influenced them. My To Be Read list always increases while listening to Barth’s interviews. For instance, I’m looking forward to reading Kelleher’s Iron Goddess and Snitch as well as DiBiasio’s Gaijin Cowgirl.

Rumor has it one can listen to these interviews live, however, I cannot vouch for that — my guess is that this rumor is true since Barth says so. There are a few ways you can listen to Noir on the Radio. Since it is part of the Authors on the Air network, you can try to find it there or go to Mixcloud or even the ubiquitous iTunes — in any of these places just search for Greg Barth or Crime fiction to find Barth’s interviews among the dozen or so other podcasts. I don’t know who Barth has scheduled for this Saturday, but I know I will be listening . . . most likely on Sunday or Monday.

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