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WriterTypesI listen to three podcasts on a weekly basis: Steve Cavanagh and Luca Veste’s Two Crime Writers and a Microphone (review) and Greg Barth’s Noir on the Radio (review). The third podcast, Writer Types, is newer to the scene as is hosted by Eric Beetner and S.W. Lauden. While the first two podcasts might be more freewheeling, Beetner and Lauden have created a podcast that could best be described as high and tight.

Now that Writer Types has completed three episodes, we have a good idea of what Beetner and Lauden are trying to accomplish. If you are familiar with the other two podcasts I have mentioned — and you should be —  Beetner and Lauden eschew the kitchen sink approach and edit Writer Types to deliver only the essential information.

Each episode of Writer Types is overflowing with crime fiction authors. The first episode had appearances from Megan Abbott, Lou Berney, Steph Post, Eric Campbell,  SG Redling, Gary Phillips, and Jay Stringer. That same one episode includes reviews by Dan and Kate Malmon and a reading by Nick Kolakowski. That’s not one episode, that’s a minimum of seven episodes for any other podcast. And amazingly enough, each Writer Types episode is about 40 minutes long. Jesus, what’s wrong with these guys?

My biggest issue with Writer Types is that my TBR list grows exponentially after every listen. Seriously, guys, I have enough problems keeping up and Beetner and Lauden are not helping. Writer Types delivers a brisk and compact podcast that is an essential listen if you read today’s crime fiction.

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