The Force by Don Winslow

Reading Don Winslow’s The Force is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, but then it is similar to much of what we’ve all seen over the last twenty-five years or so.

The book begins with Denny Malone in jail, a hero cop that ran Manhattan North from the streets. When reading The Force, I could not help but get tastes of Tiller Russell’s The Seven Five or Shawn Ryan’s The Shield, David Simon’s The Wire and even a little Martin Scorcese’s Goodfellas. Yes, I am referencing TV shows and movies and not books like Jim Thompson’s The Killer Inside Me or Joseph Wambaugh’s The Choir Boys which is due to the cinematic feel of Winslow’s story. Even at just over 500 pages, The Force reads quickly, the writing always clear, and the story never dull or predictable and it is always visual.

After few pages, all the tie-ins I brought into The Force disappeared as Winslow’s book began to stand up on its own. The in-depth and life-like character of Malone, created by Winslow, is what makes The Force succeed. His writing, which is always excellent, has me rooting for the bad guy even when he’s doing the most despicable things and hoping that he really doesn’t end up in jail — this is the highest praise I can give to this book.

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