Incident Report

Incident Report No. 27


A week in review of the world of small press crime fiction. Two things you will notice are a new layout and the lack of article and book review links. The reason for these changes is to cut down on the hours a week it takes to produce the Incident Report. If you are missing the links, no worries you’ll find them on Facebook and Twitter. If you want the links, just friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

There’s been a change to the book release sections. Click on a book cover or the title and offer, you’ll get the publisher description as well as a link to Amazon to make a purchase or pre-order.

This space will also be a place for some words on different things going on in the the world of small price crime fiction. But it’s getting late, so let’s get started.

New and Recent Releases

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Upcoming Releases

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