The Devil Doesn’t Want Me by Eric Beetner

eric beetnerEric Beetner recently released The Devil at Your Door, the third and final book of his Lars and Shaine books published by Down & Out Books. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be reviewing the entire series starting with the first installment.

The Devil Doesn’t Want Me is the fourth book I’ve read of Eric Beetner and I finally feel as if I’m getting into the meat of his work now. Not that I haven’t liked the previous book, no, I’m feeling like a Beetner veteran now.

In the first of the Lars and Shaine books Beetner keeps the action coming with Gatling speed but writing has the precision of a sniper’s bullet.

Lars emphasized his point by clicking off the safety on his gun. It rested in his hand, not aimed at Trent but ready to go. Trent’s 9-millimeter still napped against his thigh like a Chihuahua.

It’s like this all the way through: shit’s happening but the language and images are spot on.

With The Devil Doesn’t Want Me, Beetner takes us to the American Southwest where Lars, a hitman for the mob, has been hunting Mitch the Snitch for 17 years. The mob boss’ son is getting ready to make his move on his daddy’s empire, so he sends out a young whippersnapper by the name of Trent to find Mitch faster and then kill both Mitch and Lars. While Lars is methodical and principled – as principled as an assassin can be – Trent is everything but. A dozen plus years younger than Lars, Trent’s inferiority complex knows no bounds as he kills a random guy in a box store’s bathroom just to increase his own body count. When Trent and Lars finally catchup to Mitch everything goes pear-shaped and if you weren’t having fun yet – which I don’t believe – Beetner shifts The Devil Doesn’t Want Me into fifth gear.

Reading Beetner is like snorting rails of coke off of a stripper in a VIP room, lots of fun, but do you really want to do it every night? “Hell, yeah!” I say as I cannot wait to pick up the second book, The Devil Comes To Call. Word of advice, when you sit to to read this book, hell, any Beetner book, make sure you’re comfortable because you will most likely read it in one sitting.

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