Steady Madness by Mike McCrary

Steady-Madness-by-Mike-McCraryMike McCrary’s Steady Madness begins days if not hours after McCrary’s Steady Trouble ends. As much as I enjoyed the adrenaline-fueled the first Steady Teddy book, the second couldn’t reach the same heights. The protagonists in Steady Madness are forced to find a person who doesn’t want to be found. Not only is there lots of money on the line, but Teddy’s memories could be at risk too.

I don’t know whether I felt trapped in the denouement of Act Three of Steady Trouble or that I didn’t find the urgency of the tasks at hand as I did in the first book. McCrary still brings the action with buildings blowing up, kidnappings, and other assorted mayhem. Together the books are crazy fun but don’t spend too much time between the two.

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