The Station by Nick Kolakowski

The-Station-by-Nick-KolakowsiThe full title to Nick Kolakowski latest is “The Station: A Horror Story in Tweets”. It can only be read on Medium’s app on your smartphone.

I recently returned to reading articles in the Medium platform as they seemed to have shed their earlier stories like “You Don’t Know How to Read” or “Everything You Know About Housekeeping is Wrong”. But I’ve drifted back because of people like Nick, Neliza Drew, Angel Luis Colón, and, of course, Electronic Literature. Now I need to decide where this platform is worth the $5 a month . . . A nickel here, a nickel there, soon turns into real money.

Kowalski’s story is presented in Medium’s card series format which is new to me. A card series is a collection of individual pages connected together that you just read and swipe to see the next card. Simple. Kowalski’s “The Station” mimics tweets from Jay Arnold Coover, who soon finds out that he’s on a subway train that is not stopping and the tunnel they’re in has no stations to stop at anyway.

“The Station” progresses as somewhat expected throughout the first half of the story with Twitter keeping track of the time slipping by and the stakes getting raised as the train speeds on. Around the halfway point, Kolakowski has the story go delightfully sideways. Worth your time to download the app and create an account if you don’t already have one.

Medium: “The Station: A Horror Story in Tweets”

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