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Incident Report No. 39

Apologies for the lack of reviews, but I’ve been working on putting the final touches of Wilmington Delaware’s Noir at the Bar. The first N@B I am hosting. It’s part of the Noir at the Bar Crawl which starts this week in North Carolina and ends next week in Delaware. You can read Eryk Pruitt’s article over at Do Some Damage to get some more information about it. The schedule is as follows:

May 3: Durham NC at 106 Main
May 4: Richmond VA at McCormack’s Irish Pub
May 5: Washington DC at The Wonderland Ballroom
May 6: Baltimore MD at Zella’s Pizzeria
May 7: Wilmington DE at Stoney’s British Pub

Today is the last day you can put in nominations for the Anthony Awards. Once again over a Do Some Damage, Jay Stringer has put together quite a few suggestions. You could even nominate this blog for Best Online Content. What’s important to remember is that you need to vote and vote often.

Enjoy the 39th edition of the Incident Report. There are over 100 links to articles. I’m real sorry about that.The Incident Report covers the goings on in the world of small press crime fiction for the week of April 22nd through April 28th with links to articles and new and upcoming book releases.


What We Reckon by Eryk Pruitt — The Lone Star Lineup
What We Reckon’s wired-up, sleep-deprived, paranoid, bad-decision-making craziness gets into your blood.
Opinion | I Want to Be Rich and I’m Not Sorry – The New York Times
Being an asshole because some men are assholes doesn’t make it right.
Steph Post: Book Bites: Marietta Miles, author of May
Oddly, the decent characters are a real challenge.
Home Front: COLD CUTS now in paperback!
My new crime novel, COLD CUTS, was published this week in trade paperback. It’s my 31st published book, and I’m very proud of the way it turned out.
Book Reviews: A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps + Slaughterhouse Blues by Nick Kolakowski | Dirty Books
Cue more love, more bullets and more imaginative bloodshed!
Arguing With Myself About Finishing Books I Don’t Like
Reading shouldn’t be like this.
Lesa’s Book Critiques: Bottom Feeders by John Shepphird
But, I’m not a fan of slasher films. Those readers who enjoy that kind of book and movie may enjoy Bottom Feeders.
On Missing Your Kid’s Birthday & Other Literary Sacrifices • Career Authors
Sigh. I didn’t know writing was so different than other jobs and careers.
Top writers choose their perfect crime | Books | The Guardian
Apparently, big-time crime writers don’t read new books, they just blurb ’em.
So, I Decided to Quit Writing | Yinz to Y’all
I told an author I respect, Ed Aymar, I might be done. He called me a dumbass. He’s delicate in that way.
Criminal Minds: Unfinished Misreads, with Danny Gardner
I loved this article by Danny Gardner.
Naked in Whatcom County: Tales from a Crime Analyst – Criminal Element
Naked dudes doing crazy things isn’t unusual; it’s actually fairly common.
Comics in Black and White That Are Anything but Simple – The New York Times
I love how the NYT will only pay attention to small presses in the graphic novel genre. How enlightened of them.
What To Read When You Want To Run Away With The Circus – The
An absolutely silly and fun list.
My Little Corner: Blood Bound Books – Open for Novel/Novella Submissions
Blood Bound Books is open for novel and novella submissions in the genres of Extreme Horror and Bizzarro or a combination of both.  The word count is 30,000 to 80,000 words.  The deadline is July 4, 2018 and payment is 50% royalty split,  You’ll find the details here.
Fragments of Noir: You Cannot Conquer
By now you’re following the blog, Fragments of Noir, right?
Pulp Fiction Reviews: “No Harp for My Angel.” “Booty for a Babe.” “Eve, It’s Extortion.”
Once again Stark House Press delivers a package of reprint classics. This time featuring three Detective Al Wheeler mysteries by Australian scribe Alan Geoffrey Yates writing as Carter Brown.
Cherchez la Femme: Women and Crime Go Together – Criminal Element
In my case, when I saw the real headline urging the police to follow the woman, I tried to imagine who would love someone like the violent thief Bill Bagley. And so, Lena Stillman was the person I created to be at the center—rather than the traditional margins—of Speakeasy. Strong, cold-blooded, and reckless. Exactly the kind of woman that I hope readers will want to follow.
The Literature of Mars: A Brief History – The Millions
There’s this article, but you’d be better off looking at the Wiki page ->
Killer Nashville Interview with Charles & Caroline Todd –
These aren’t just jobs for a character, they can lead to murder. Nothing you learn is wasted.
From the Editors’ Desk – TRIGGER WARNING Short Fiction with Pictures
The latest issue of Trigger Warning is beginning to be released. You best check it out. -DN
Money Laundering Via Author Impersonation on Amazon? — Krebs on Security
Patrick Reames had no idea why sent him a 1099 form saying he’d made almost $24,000 selling books via Createspace, the company’s on-demand publishing arm. That is, until he searched the site for his name and discovered someone has been using it to peddle a $555 book that’s full of nothing but gibberish.
The Rap Sheet: The Book You Have to Read: “Homeboy,” by Seth Morgan
He doesn’t take cover behind his art: what you see is what you get, full-frontal Morgan, unashamed of revealing himself and most likely reveling in the talents that brought this book to fruition.
Mystery Fanfare: Edgar Award Winners 2018
Book Review : Chris Campanioni – Drift (2018) — Dead End Follies
It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. Novels like Drift don’t straightforwardly deliver themselves and require active participation.
Jon Jordan – A BOLO Books Composite Sketch | BOLO BOOKS
Life is too short to read bad books.
Vetting for stereotypes: meet publishing’s ‘sensitivity readers’ | Books | The Guardian
I quit doing them because they were exhausting and sometimes authors wanted to argue with me.
South American Women Authors the U.S. Has Overlooked
These writers bring fresh language, queer perspectives, and inquisitive writing to people in and outside of South America who were looking for an accurate representation of their experiences without necessarily coming through the lens of living in the United States.
How To Fall in Love With How-To Essays – Electric Literature
Nobel prize in literature may be cancelled in 2018 amid sexual abuse scandal | Books | The Guardian
or Nobel prize in literature may NOT be cancelled in 2018 amid sexual abuse scandalStupid headline. -DN
My most enjoyable March read and highly recommended. 5 from 5.
How James Comey Found Mistakes in His Manuscript – The New York Times
The final step was a daylong family gathering, where each of my five kids and two sons-in-law was assigned a portion to copy-edit. I offered $20 for each typo …
Do Some Damage: We need to talk about Barry…
I want shows with veterans who aren’t dead-eyed killers or over the top maniacs. I want shows with veterans who have their own stories separate from being broken or damaged by their service
Sarah Perry on her struggle to become a writer: ‘I was poor and getting poorer’ | Books | The Guardian
One Bite at a Time: A Conversation With Lawrence Kelter, Editor of The Black Car Business
Sort of like shopping at departments stores only on Wednesdays when everything is marked down.
SleuthSayers: Revise, Revise!
If you think of editors as your enemy, you’re going to have a rough time.
Crime Review April 28 2018
New issue out!
Rachel Kushner’s new novel, ‘The Mars Room,’ is devastating
For much of literary history, there has been a tendency to downplay the political imagination of female writers, celebrating them most for how well they convey the realm of the emotional and personal.
You Have Lost Your Innocence Somehow* | Confessions of a Mystery Novelist…
Of course, not all loss of innocence is tragic. But it’s often sobering.
Fragments of Noir: Big Lonely City #4
Some lovely noirish photographs.
Writer Types Podcast—Episode 16
Interviews with Gillian Flynn, Michael Kardos, John Shepphird and Robert Hartley.
H. Jon Benjamin On How To Fail Your Way To Success – 1A
Failure can be incredibly freeing and an end in itself, not just that tired platitude that is a necessary step on the road to success.
Celeste Ng Wants You to Buy A Lot of Books This Weekend – Chicago Review of Books
Saturday, April 28 is Independent Bookstore Day.
Murphy Row: Freeze-Dried Asshole – Drinkers with Writing Problems
Like a feral cat being house broken, it took me a while to get used to the social norms of working indoors around actual people with all their judgement and hygiene standards.
THE STILETTO GANG: Visiting With The Killer Coffee Club
I love what Skype does but I’m not keen on how Skype makes me look – like my passport photo.
Do Some Damage: Noir at the Bar – Crawl
It’s five minutes to showtime and Marietta Miles demands proficient use of the c-word.
Dames Are the New Dicks
Now, there is no shortage of female protagonists drawn to the shadows.
Rape Stories Are Crime Stories | CrimeReads
Though the mantra in the #metoo era is to believe victims, the writers of these books nearly all start out with a qualification or an apology.
How Do You Have Time for It All? – findingtimetowrite
The moral of the story is: never complain about not having enough time for something, because there is always room for less time.
Susan Orlean: Libraries Preserve the Stories That Make Up a Culture | Literary Hub
The two discuss the smell of books (also known as, bibliosmia), Fahrenheit 451, and her forthcoming book, The Library Book.
On the Ways We Read (and Are Written To) | Literary Hub
Reading is always a meeting of two liberties: the artist’s and the audience’s.
Toe Six Press: Online Issue 3
Now out.
Double O Section: Comic Book Review: THE PRISONER #1
Titan are off to a promising start with the first issue of their new Prisoner comic, which came out today.
Pay It Forward: Lisa Gardner | The Thrill Begins
Once I gave The Perfect Husband a shot, I was hooked – I picked up everything else she’d written
“Cultivating Crime in the College Classroom” (by Hollis Seamon) | SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN
Usually, it’s hugely disappointing: They just don’t get excited about stories that have left you ablaze with admiration and totally smitten with their writers.
Euro Crime: Review: The Mine by Antti Tuomainen tr. David Hackston
But I tend to congratulate a crime novelist whose characters are human, warts and all – and still you follow them to the book’s end, not just because you are gripping the pages with sweaty, tense palms but because you want to know the end of the story and what happens to its characters.
Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity: 34 Calls for Submissions in May 2018 – Paying Markets
h/t Sandra Seamans’ My Little Corner
Book Review : Jennifer Hillier – Jar of Hearts (2018) — Dead End Follies
It will entertain the hell out of you, but it’ll also make you question your values and perhaps even make you feel smarter.
10 Books You Can Read in One Commute – Electric Literature
Short reads you can finish in an hour or two
Why Do So Many Judges Cite Jane Austen in Legal Decisions?
Since the first published citation to Emma in 1978, Jane Austen’s works have been invoked 27 times in American legal decisions, including references to Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, and, of course, Pride and Prejudice.
Comparing gender discrimination and inequality in indie and traditional publishing
Great study, important results, and something to work on. But “more prestigious genres” that doesn’t seem too scientific. -DN
The Traditional Mystery: A Roundtable Discussion | CrimeReads
Ahead of Malice Domestic (April 27-29), a national conference for writers and fans of traditional mystery, we asked nominees for the Agatha Award to answer a few questions about the genre, their influences, and the mystery community.
The Evolution of Hap and Leonard | CrimeReads
Being white has never hurt me any, but I know it has for hurt black and brown people
4 Secrets to Small Press Success • Career Authors
Small press authors can help foster a larger readership for their work even on a limited budget. And with that grassroots approach, it’s possible to build a successful marketing campaign around your book.
What If Readers Are Learning the Wrong Lessons From My Writing? | Literary Hub
The bar—the expectation that black art must be both revelatory and transformative, responsible, empathy-inducing—has always been to high; perhaps that’s why we keep walking into it.
How Designing Covers for My Books Helps Me Write Them | Literary Hub
Ever since I started writing I’ve been interested in how a book looks, how the design of a dust jacket and its typography can, when given the right and proper attention, create something that is not just a book, but an object unto itself, something more… complete
Emotion Must Be Earned: A First Page Critique |
My first thought is that the author has chosen the wrong place to begin the story.
Getting to Know You: David Ahern | elementaryvwatson
Staring into space, mostly.
Powerful, evocative descriptions and all in a few short pages. There’s a mix of stories with some hard-hitting tales and some slightly less serious and a couple if I’m honest I didn’t really get.
Why Trump Is Winning and the Press Is Losing | by Jay Rosen | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
“The Democrats don’t matter,” Bannon said. “The real opposition is the media. And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit.”
Criminal Minds: Crossing the lines
The danger is a reader might dismiss a really good book based on preconceived ideas of its genre.
#TimeForCrime: getting to the darkest heart of writers and bloggers! With author Nic Parker @NicParkerAuthor – chapterinmylife: Scottish Crime Fiction Blogger
Hannibal Lecter, Walter White and The Joker.
A day with author Linda Huber @LindaHuber19 | The book review café
Today I’m thrilled to welcome author Linda Huber to the book review café, the author has kindly written a guest post about her working day
Do Some Damage: It Hurts To Ride The Lightning
Y’all need to be reading Danny Gardner’s posts and his goddamn book too.
How Writer Alex Segura Balances Crime Novels and Archie Comics | Hollywood Reporter
I feel like comics and novels work out different parts of my brain. – Alex Segura
Online Harassment Field Manual
While there are no easy answers, this digital Field Manual contains effective strategies and resources that writers, journalists, their allies, and their employers can use to defend against cyber hate and fight online abuse.
Ultimately, noir is disappointing. Moore has finally attempted to satirise the genre after playing with it here and there in other works. But for a sendup to really work, it must capture and in some ways surpass the genre it adoringly mocks. Noir doesn’t manage to do this. Fans and anyone looking for something zany might enjoy it, but noir is a lot of work for not a lot of laughs.
Fuck Yeah, Independent Bookstores « terribleminds: chuck wendig
Join the book virus.
Do Some Damage: Give that Detective the Right Ending
When a series is good, you feel it’s so important it end correctly.
Author of the Week: CS DeWildt – DIGITAL MEDIA GHOST
Crushing rejection is what follows.
You Have the Right to Remain Silent … Cheers. – Messy Business – Books, Writing, Stuff
Jason Beech wraps up his “You Have the Right to Remain Silent” series.
We Asked Google’s New Book-Based Artificial Intelligence About the Meaning of Life
In a novel, as in real life, silences can be what they are because of the absence of speech.
The First Two Pages: “Mad About You” by G.M. Malliet – Art Taylor
Today’s First Two Pages essay concludes a three-part series featuring contributors to the anthology Malice Domestic: Mystery Most Geographical, which officially debuts at this year’s—this week’s!—Malice Domestic.
Books | The Great American Read | PBS
Start arguing now. -DN
Grit Lit: An American Phenomenon Goes Global | CrimeReads
Thank goodness for Amazon’s algorithms!
10 Things You Should Know About Lists on the Internet | Literary Hub
I don’t think a single listicle can even be bad for the canon, or for book culture, or for books—although the tendency to be too precious about literature might actually have an adverse effect.
Meet the Finalists for the World’s Richest Short Story Award | Literary Hub
That’s a lot of white people.
Criminal Minds: A dark, one-of-a-kind, psychological thriller…
Alice In Wonderland is a psychological thriller on steroids.
March 2018 Debut Releases | The Thrill Begins
Some new books -DN
Texas Two-Step Book Tour: Michael Pool Official Site
Any writer will tell you that victories in this business come few and far between. There’s not a lot of glory in applying ass to chair day after day, month after month, and year after year. Most writers do it out of compulsion.
Don’t Let The Palm Trees Fool you…Ten of the best Hollywood Crime Novels… – Strand Mag
Interesting list. -DN
Submit | Spelk
Please keep the following in mind if you’d like to send us something:We publish flash fiction — 100 to 500 words, give or take.
We’ll consider just about any genre: If we like it, we’ll publish it.
In The Spotlight: Jock Serong’s The Rules of Backyard Cricket | Confessions of a Mystery Novelist…
In keeping with its noir nature, this isn’t a light, easy novel. Serong explores the dark, ugly side of people and of cricket. The outcome is as tragic as it is inevitable, and there aren’t really any heroes
You Have the Right to Remain Silent … Bradley Ernst – Messy Business – Books, Writing, Stuff
I opened a gap in my eye and listened until I felt safe to open both. Bradley rested his elbows on the table we’d sat at before I entered his crazy mind.
Les Edgerton on Writing: MONDAY’S MEAL IS OUT!
My first collection of short stories, Monday’s Meal, was released in ebook format today from the good folks at Down and Out Press. It was originally published as a paperback by the University of North Texas Press and was nominated for the Violet Crown Book Award.
pulpetti: Favourite crime novels written by women authors
For no apparent reason at all, I decided to list my favourite crime books written by woman writers. The list includes only books written originally in English, some of them have been translated, which is indicated in the list.
Bluff by Michael Kardos / Review by Janet Brantley –
I was so stunned by it that it’s taken me a while to write this review. I had to distance myself from the action to realize just how good this book is, what a satisfying story Kardos has told.
Women’s prize for fiction shortlist favours new voices over big hitters | Books | The Guardian
From Arundhati Roy to Jennifer Egan, some of the biggest names in literature have fallen by the wayside in the race for this year’s Women’s prize for fiction. Instead the judges have plumped for titles they felt “spoke most directly and truthfully” to them.
My Little Corner: PMMP – Open for Flash Fiction Submissions
Is My Little Corner in your RSS reader yet? No? SMDH. Anywho, Perpetual Motion Machine is looking for dark flash fiction.
Fragments of Noir: Jim McHugh
Great noirish photographs by Jim McHugh
50 Must-Read True Crime Books to Add to Your TBR Right Now
Lists like this tend to suck so bad. This one so doesn’t.
Hooked on Romance Novels: A Mother-Daughter Interview
Once I started reading romance, I always had a secret back up title so when people asked what I was reading, I wouldn’t have to tell the truth.
Should I Become a Book Collector? The Pros and Cons
This is where you begin to hate previous book owners.
Do Some Damage: A Feast For The Eyes
Developing visual images in your mind as you write is important because it will help ensure that you create a visual feast with your text that readers will appreciate.
Willy Vlautin: ‘I think my mother was ashamed that I was a novelist’ | Books | The Guardian
Challenged to play Kiss, Marry, Kill with Cormac McCarthy, John Steinbeck and Raymond Carver, his nearest spiritual antecedents, Vlautin’s answer was typically self-deprecating: “Kiss McCarthy. Marry Steinbeck. Kill myself.”
The Trap of Solid Gold: The Beach Girls
Nineteen Fifty-Nine was another banner year for John D MacDonald, a banner year that capped a banner decade.
What Is an Author’s Salary? • Career Authors
There are three things we don’t talk about in polite society—religion, sex, and money.
Years After Barry Hannah’s Death, He Haunts Us Still | Literary Hub
Now, nearly a decade after his death, his writing and legacy still haunt me. Not only in his influence on me as a writer but more in his instructions on how to pursue a wild and curious life.
Sometimes the Best Way to Read is to Mark Up the Book | Literary Hub
There’s a difference between line-editing and annotating. When we edit—when we are edited—the goal is to transform a draft into something better, something finished. When I annotate a poem, I am receiving words that have been formed and felt and hoped.
Recommended Read: Snuff Racket by Tom Leins – Paul D. Brazill
Tom Leins’ Snuff Racket is even better than his debut Skull Meat. There’s blood, guts, cracking one-liners and a hell of a lot of dark humour here.
Indian Horse | Literary Hub
Book Excerpt: Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese
The Bunburyist: Dorothy B. Hughes’s classic mystery library.
In the 13 Nov 1977 Los Angeles Times, author-critic Dorothy B. Hughes made 23 selections for a classic mystery library. Hughes defined a classic as “a book to which you return over and again … primarily because for you it satisfies a hunger for the felicity of beauty and craft…”
Don’t Quit the Day Job: K.A. Richardson | elementaryvwatson
Standing for hours in the snow whilst snow wax, the very thing designed to enhance footwear marks in snow, froze before I could use it.
The Rap Sheet: NoirCon Is Down, But Not Out
Devasting news.
Interview: G.M. Malliet – Mysteristas
It would be dark with salted caramel filling.
Bookends: 📚 Betsy Reavley & Fred Freeman 📚@BetsyReavley @Bloodhoundbook | bytheletterbookreviews
The exotic holidays and fast-cars!
Still reading something you started months ago? You’ve got ‘book-block’ | Books | The Guardian
Many voracious readers get bogged down trying to finish the same book for an interminable length of time. Maybe it’s time to give up?
One Bite at a Time: The Black Car Business Drops April 30
Think about the black car that’s been following you for the past half-hour. Doesn’t speed up, doesn’t slow down. You see two people in the front seats not well enough to describe them.
SleuthSayers: Living on the Wild Side: Or, How to Create a Believable Villain
But, as it turns out, I was wrong. I can be bad. All I need is someone else’s name and a blank sheet of paper.
Giving A Voice To Indies | David Gaughran
And if you are interested too you can join Marie Force’s Facebook Group – the Author Support Network – or express your interest at Marie Force is looking to gather expressions of interest from 1,000 indie authors before April 30 to see if this idea has legs (and she was halfway there after just 12 hours).
this day in crime history: april 22, 1934 | Nobody Move!
On this date in 1934, the FBI went toe to toe with John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, and their gang in a shootout that left an FBI agent and a bystander dead.
Scott’s writing is so vivid, you’ll feel like you witnessed the whole bloody mess, up close, in person.
Publishers Weekly Review Last Year’s Man – Paul D. Brazill
Publishers Weekly have reviewed my book  Last Year’s Man– which is due out in June from All Due Respect / Down & Out Books.And it’s a good one, too!
Modern Reading – Lit Up – Medium
Shots fired between the literary-fictionalists and the anti-fictionalists. LOL. -DN
Check Out The Cover of Paul D. Brazill’s Latest Collection! – The Dorset Book Detective
I like this cover. -DN
My Little Corner: – Advance Warning of Call for Novella Submissions will be opening for novella ( 20,000 to 40,000 words) submissions on May 1, 2018 in the genres of science fiction and fantasy.
When Can You Call Yourself a Genre Expert?
Sadly, if you are a white male, you can do this immediately. -DN
Notes from the Inside | by Madeleine Schwartz | The New York Review of Books
“The quiet of the cell is where the real question lingers in the mind of a woman. The one true question, impossible to answer. The why did you. The how. Not the practical how, the other one. How could you have done such a thing. How could you.”
Editing is Dying, Grunting Soon to Follow |
If you can get past the old-man-shaking-fist-at-sky theme, this is a funny article.
Build your creative confidence to become a faster writer – Write with Phil
When I write, the confidence I feel in a project massively impacts on my productivity.
A bacon sandwich with tomato ketchup.

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