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What’s Happening, Not Happening, and Everything In-between

What's Happening, Not Happening, and Everything In-betweenToday marks the start of the Noir at the Bar Crawl. Though I’m in North Carolina, I’m two hours south of Durham in Charlotte. My work has wrapped up and I’m headed up north. I still haven’t decided if I’ll travel the interstate or go the slower route of a state highway. Here’s the schedule of the crawl. I’ll be hosting the Wilmington N@B and reading at the Richmond N@B.

May 3 – Durham NC
May 4 – Richmond VA
May 5 – Washington DC
May 6 – Baltimore MD
May 7 – Wilmington DE

You probably have noticed that Unlawful Acts has been void of book reviews of late. I’ve been devoted much of my thought and energy to the Crawl over the last couple of weeks. But I’ve got some stuff in the hopper and some books I definitely want to read this month. The list below doesn’t include A Burdizzo for a Prince by Mark Rapacz, Breaking Glass by Alec Cizak, and Android Love, Human Skin by Richard Godwin. Oh yeah, I have to write a story for the Noir at the Bar in Harrisburg PA on May 20th. If you book appears or doesn’t appear I, this list is always in flux, but as the Scouts say, I’ll do my best.

So time for me to get cracking.

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