The TV Detective by Simon Hall

Book review of Simon Hall’s “The TV Detective”. Published by Fahrenheit Press in March 2018.

Simon Hall’s The TV Detective opens with us meeting Dan Groves, an environmental TV reporter, roughly pushed into being the station’s crime reporter as there is a slasher killing prostitutes and no one to cover it. Then a powerful local businessman is shot dead by a shotgun blast to the heart, off the page of course, and that’s when The TV Detective kicks off. Groves finagles his way to shadow the team investigating the death of Edward Bray, hated in the region more than Henry F. Potter of Bedford Falls. Bray is so hated even his father has stopped talking to him. As the suspects are identified, Groves starts driving for Detective Inspector Adam Breen as he’s learning the ins and outs of detective work.

The TV Detective drips with Englishness as this is a classic who-done-it with the requisite number of red herrings. There were a couple of little hiccups throughout like Breen sampling a white powder substance but given the intended audience of The TV Detective, it will be passed over.

What made The TV Detective work for me was that it was well-written and didn’t slow down too often, though one description of how to put a TV story together would have been enough. Sometimes I forget why they’re called cozies and reading Simon Hall’s The TV Detective was a good reminder as I felt at ease throughout and was never taken out of my comfort zone. Reading The TV Detective was like eating a meal at your favorite restaurant, in a few weeks you might not remember what you ate, but you knew it was quite pleasant. Sometimes that’s all we need and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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This review is part of a blog blitz for Simon Hall’s The TV Detective organized by Emma Welton of and the publisher Fahrenheit Press. Other bloggers participated as well and the graphic below can point you to other reviews of Hall’s book as well as interviews and such.


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