Fast Bang Booze by Lawrence Maddox

fast bang booze by lawrence maddoxHe’s sober.
He’s fast.
No something more.
Lightning reflexes.
Everything clicks.
Cat-like sight.
A quarter spinning.
He sees the sides.
He’s hyped.
Every muscle tuned.
Everything faster.
His voice box faster.
His voice.
A turkey warble.
A forced mute.
A retard.
A fast retard.
A fast sober retard.

When he drinks, the speed goes away and life becomes almost what we might call normal except for a killer buzz and a need to continue drinking so he can somewhat function in the real world by talking and interacting with others, but he’s useless as tits on a nun especially in his chosen profession of crime–who wants a henchman that’s only skill was speed to be suddenly slow and on top of that, drunk off his ass?

Lawrence Maddox found a fantastic premise and did well with it. The two stories in “Fast Bang Booze” take place months apart and are told in almost alternating chapters. The novella opens with, “As I sat in the back room of the 35er Bar, in a pool of my own whiz, puke, and blood, I thought: ‘This ain’t turning out so good.’ ” So, you know I’m in.

Maddox deftly controls the different timelines as well as the drunk and sober perspectives of Frank. The writing is tight and nothing seems wasted which may have to do with Maddox cutting 25,000 words from his manuscript prior to publication. “Fast Bang Booze” is a quick and entertaining read that will not leave you disappointed.

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