Pulp Modern Vol. 2 No. 3 edited by Alec Cizak

Review of the pulp anthology Pulp Modern Volume 2 Number 3 edited by Alec Cizak. Published by Uncle B. Publications.

Pulp Modern Vol. 2 No. 3Alec Cizak, author of the upcoming “Breaking Glass”, is the editor of Pulp Modern, an anthology magazine that is released every six months or so. Though the cover might scream crime, Cizak also publishes short stories of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and westerns. If it’s pulpy and good, it could find a place here.

The latest issue of Pulp Modern does cover crime but also dabbles within the other genres. The first two stories The Great Unknown by Doug Lane and The Revenge of the Dead Coat-Check Girl by Thomas Dade are good hard-boiled stories. Lane’s The Great Unkown tells the story of a collector for the mob given an assignment to steal a jar from a freak show. Dade’s story is about an ex-cop forced to become a hotel detective and put in a rather uncomfortable position by a lackey of William Randolph Hearst.

Two other stories that stood out for me were Roadsong by Cynthia Ward and Sand in a Jar by J.A. Prentice. Ward’s Roadsong is a horror story set in a truck shop while Prentice’s Sand in a Jar is an epic fantasy story about an emperor in waiting as he ages from boyhood to manhood.

If you’re interested in submitting to Pulp Modern in the future, go to their website or Sandra Seaman’s excellent blog, My Little Corner. You can also follow Pulp Modern on Facebook or Twitter. Either way, you’ll need to wait for an announcement. Cizak pays $10 out of his own pocket for publication. If you think that he should be paying more, then buy some of the wonderful back issues of Pulp Modern. It’s that simple.

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