Suspect’s Viewpoint: Angel Luis Colón

An Unlawful Acts interview with Angel Luis Colón, author of the Blacky Jaguar series and the Fantine Park series. He also hosts a podcast called the bastard title.

Angel Luis Colón’s new book, “Pull & Pray” (Down & Out Books), is out now. It’s the second featuring Fantine Park, a retired safe-cracker pulled back into the business by an estranged family member.  The first book was “No Happy Endings” which was nominated for an Anthony Award in 2017. You can find Angel on Twitter, @GoshDarnMyLife, as well as his website.  Let’s get this interview started because there’s a lot more to Angel than his latest book.

David: You have a full-time job, you’re married, you have two kids, you write, you edited flash fiction at Shotgun Honey, you write for anthologies, you do your own writing, you’ve had five books published in the last three years and now you host a podcast. Do you ever sleep?

Angel: Apparently, I don’t sleep ever. I’m also training for a half marathon and participating in Pitch Wars (basically mentoring a writer).

I’m an idiot because I honestly feel like I don’t do enough.

The truth of it, though, is scheduling. I get home and workout, kids get home and I try to hang out with them, and when it’s time for bed, my wife does me the solid of giving me an hour or two to get whatever I need to get done sorted out. On weekends, I might have to take a half day, but I find the hours. It isn’t impossible and there are times I step away from my desk in favor of the family (quite often) but it’s all about doing the work. I think it helps that for all this work, I’m not really getting paid for it, so I can dictate when I stop.

I can also sleep on my commute into work, so that helps too.

David: You have two series out now: Blacky Jaguar and Fantine Park series. Both have two books each with Fantine Park’s latest, “Pull & Pray” just published. Last time we talked you were working on a third Blacky Jaguar book. Is that still going to be a thing?

Angel: It is! I’ve had to rethink how I’m tackling Blacky but there’s a third story in the cards for him. The biggest decision is whether that’s a novella or something a little longer. I had four novellas in mind for him, but now it feels like the next two stories should work together. This is a good thing since it gives me breathing room to work on a horror novel, a few short stories, and another outline I’m working on right now.

David: I haven’t had a chance to read “Pull & Pray”, but will Fantine Park get a third go around? Also, is there anything else you are working on?

Angel: I never expected to write a second Fantine story at all, but she made me change my mind. Fan’s future is sort of a spoiler for “Pull & Pray” so I won’t get into details. That said, readers will know what the shape of her future looks like by the end of this story.

Right now, I’m gearing up for the release of my debut novel, “Hell Chose Me” (Down & Out Books, 2019). I’m proud of that one and really hope folks dig it. And hey, if folks are jonesing for some Blacky, they might be interested in scooping this book up; there’s something in there for them.

David: In your podcast, the bastard title, you had an episode where you chatted with Eryk Pruitt about Noir at the Bars. You guys talked about what to do, what not to do, and even talked about your own bad experiences at N@Bs. With the Bouchercon N@B coming up, do you have any rules or best practices that readers of any N@B should try to follow?

Angel: I just had a nice chat with Johnny Shaw (name drop) about some of this and he schooled me in an aspect of the live reading I hadn’t considered. There’s an idea that you’re selling your book or yourself at these events, but I’ll concede that my own thinking isn’t quite right there. The purpose of the reading is to give the audience exactly what you give readers: an entertaining time. There shouldn’t be a motive to kick ass up there beyond folks enjoying what your spitting.

I’m still not the biggest fan of first chapters or blatant promo like selling books at the event. If your goal is exposure, I think doing the very best you can for that event itself is the best path. Nobody owes you their presence or attention at these events.

David: You seem to be having fun with the bastard title podcast, how’s it going? I know you are only about a dozen episodes into it, but are you digging the direction you’re headed?

Angel: I fucking love it. It gives me a chance to emulate those bar conversations I’ve had at conventions and readings with none of the bullshit posturing. It’s also all on my terms! I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t an incredibly appealing part of the project.

I have plans for future endeavors but for now I’m committed to 52+ episodes. The guest list ahead is looking far more diverse, though. I’m booking more authors of color and authors from other genres. The goal of this project is to get to a place where my guest list will never be predictable. I want to provide a platform for as many writers as possible and that’s going to take some work, but I’m hyped to give it a go.

David: You are a big proponent of promoting and defending the unheard voices in the crime fiction community. Right now, it’s like every white person’s racist family member has decided to step away from their Thanksgiving table and are moving out to the streets. I know racism and marginalizing voices has always been there, but today people are taking a stand and telling white men to sit the fuck down. I guess this is a long way of asking, what work can we do to help those who need it?

Angel: Those with privilege need to take direct action and challenge their peers who poison the well. Those latter people do not deserve comfort in the face of how they’ve chosen to participate in our society. Without that action, it’s all hollow.

Continued inclusiveness in writing organizations and convention boards would be a huge step. Recruiting younger people to assist in these efforts is vital as well. More perspective helps everyone and keeps all of us honest. I do see it happening in small bursts already and you know what? There have been some immediate improvements in multiple writing scenes, but there’s still a long way to go. It’s not as simple as playing Noah here; you can’t ‘two of each kind’ this and act like the job’s all done once you’ve checked all the boxes.

We also need to squash the bizarre purity competition a lot of these efforts tend to be consumed by as those just hinder the actual accomplishments and regress efforts.

Let me add: I understand that I’ve got privilege of my own. I’m not perfect but I’m going to do what I can as best I can. Whether it’s out loud or behind the scenes, I’ll try to do as much good as possible. It’s all learning. The things I say about this subject are as valid a lesson for me as anyone else. Therefore, I don’t mind being outspoken. What’s the cliché; don’t sacrifice your authenticity for approval? I think Kanye tweeted that, so you know it’s borderline smart but mostly insufferable.

David: Give me five books to read, genre doesn’t matter.

Angel: I’ll dive into a few I’m currently reading and some I think most folks should read.

“The Poet X” by Elizabeth Acevedo
“Low Down Death Right Easy” by J David Osborne
“The Great and Secret Show” by Clive Barker
“The Night in Question” by Tobias Wolff
“Binti” by Nnedi Okorafor

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