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Incident Report No. 58

This week’s Incident Report is a special Bouchercon 2018 edition. The regularly scheduled programming will return next week.

This week’s Incident Report is a special Bouchercon 2018 edition.* The regularly scheduled programming will return next week.

Bouchercon has come and gone. It was a wonderful time to meet with old friends and make new friends. I know there is an expense in going to conferences, especially traveling to one, but if you ever get a chance to go to one, please do.

This year’s Anthony Awards were a fantastic step forward with several POC award recipients. There’s a long way to go as Kellye Garrett mentioned in her acceptance speech for Best First Novel. Other winners include Attica Locke for Best Novel and editor Gary Phillips for Best Anthology. More award winners listed at Mystery Fanfare.

One big problem was the Vinoy and its lack of adequate access for people with disabilities. There were too many steps. As many of you probably already know, the Vinoy was not the first choice to host Bouchercon but after issues with the contracted hotel, the Vinoy was what we were left with. From all reports, this will not be a problem in Dallas 2019.

I participated in my first panel this year. Thanks to Dru Ann Love for moderating and Ayo Onatade, Kathy Boone Reel, Janet Rudolph, and Kate Pilarcik for showing me how to succeed at being on a panel.

I recommended three books to immediately read and they are:

  • Chris Offutt’s “Country Dark” (Grove) (review)
  • Marietta Miles’s “May” (Down & Out Books) (review)
  • Preston Lang’s “Sunk Costs” (All Due Respect) (review)

I also mentioned two books I am looking forward to:

  • Stephen Mack Jones’s “Lives Laid Away” (Soho Crime)
  • Brandon Daily’s “A Murder Country” (ABC Group Documentation)

Special thanks to everyone I met and talked to. It meant so much. If we didn’t get a chance to talk, see y’all in Dallas for Bouchercon 2019.

* Please note that this column was written after 4-and-a-half days of Bouchercon and I was exhausted. I was afflicted with the Disney Stare™. You have most likely witnessed this at amusement parks in the afternoon as children walk from ride to ride like zombies, their mouth agape and their eyes open but not seeing anything.

Enclosed are some photos I took at Bouchercon.

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