Without Rules by Andrew Field

Book review of “Without Rules” by Andrew Field. Self published in October 2018.

A lot happens in the first few pages of Andrew Field’s “Without Rules”. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. I’ve always considered my self a good reader, especially after the last 2½ years reviewing books, even I was a bit confused.

Here’s the blurb and most of this happens very quickly: “When a professional hitman turns up at Candy’s World to hide, China Mackie discovers her plan to flee from her abusive father has tragically backfired. A gruesome bloodbath has left four people dead on the streets of a northern city centre on a cold wet Sunday morning. China knows she’s next to die. Unless she is more ruthless than everyone else. She must improvise fast. Seduce her father’s assassin. Plead her case so he helps her escape in a fight to the death where rules don’t matter but the consequences do.”

Andrew Field’s “Without Rules” is a fast-paced action thriller. As long as you have a strong ability to suspend disbelief, you’ll enjoy this book.

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