Tuesday’s Troubles

Tuesday afternoon links featuring Ralph Dennis, Lauren Wilkinson, J.D. Allen, Joe Scapellato, S. Craig Renfroe Jr., and Viole LeVoit.

Your Tuesday afternoon links.

Lee Goldberg on Ralph Dennis’s Hardman series. Here’s a taste from the CrimeReads‘s article.

To my surprise, and delight, it was nothing like what I expected. Jim Hardman is in his 40s, a pudgy, balding ex-cop with a steady girlfriend…who does odd jobs with his drinking buddy Hump Evans, a black ex-NFL player who supports his playboy lifestyle by hiring himself out as muscle. They are functioning alcoholics, drinking booze morning, noon and night as if its mineral water, doing whatever they have to do, short of murder or bank robbery, to make a living in the seamy underworld of 1970s Atlanta, as equal partners and, although it remains unspoken, close friends.

Lauren Wilkinson, author of “American Spy”, is interviewed in Electric Literature.

J.D. Allen’s “Skin Game” (Midnight Ink, 2019) reviewed at Crimespree Magazine.

As the subheadline reads, “In [Joe] Scapellato’s new novel, a man is pulled into a noir detective mystery he doesn’t want to solve.” (Longreads)

Short Story: “A Man Who Prosperity Harmed” by S. Craig Renfroe Jr. (Tough)

“Scarstruck” by Violet LeVoit (King Shot Press, 2019)

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