Wednesday’s Wrongdoings

Wednesday afternoon reads.

Jedidiah Ayres likes drugs. I mean he likes his books on drugs. He likes junkie fiction, “Friends Without Means” at hardboiled wonderland.

S.A. Cosby’s new gig writing at Do Some Damage begins with looking at why sometimes–sometimes–using clichés and tropes is a good thing.

Paula Munier, a literary agent, looks at “The Biggest Lie in Publishing: Bigger Books, Fewer Books” for Career Authors. She writes, “Everyone tries to figure out what ‘the formula’ is, but ultimately the formula fails.”

“American Spy” by Lauren Wilkinson (Random House, 2019) reviewed at NPR.

Max Booth III looks at come unconventional methods to get writing. (LitReactor)

Short Story: “Southside Valentine” by Richie Narvaez (Akashic)

“Atlanta Deathwatch” by Ralph Dennis (Brash Books 1974, 2019)

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