Thursday’s Thefts

Your Thursday morning reads.

My article this morning for Do Some Damage advocates taking action against Otto Penzler for his behavior. The article is called “What To Do About Otto” or as I like to refer to it, “Burning bridges before I even get to them”.

Two of my favorite reads are featured in The Thrill Begins’s “The Advocates”: Janet Rudolph and J. Kingston Pierce. Art Taylor writes:

But the key here isn’t how good they’ve been to me but instead how good they are to all of us—enthusiastic about all things mystery, advocates for authors everywhere, and generous to us readers and fans because they’re such generous readers/fans/authors themselves.

If it wasn’t for dog shit, Dan Mallory would have nowhere to walk. “Dan Mallory, 2 Starkly Similar Novels and the Puzzle of Plagiarism” by Alexandra Alter (The New York Times).

William E. Butterworth III who wrote under the pseudonym W.E.B. Griffin has died. (The Rap Sheet)

Every month Colman Keane announces his pick of the month. This month it is Kimi Cunningham Grant’s “Fallen Mountains” (Amberjack Publishing, 2019). This month he also announced a runner-up, Elgin Bleecker’s “Lyme Depot” (Self-Published, 2019). I don’t think I’ve seen Keane do that before.

Short Story: “Coffin Dress Girl” by Heather Santo (Retreats From Oblivion)

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