Friday’s Felonies

Friday morning reads features Terry Shames, Sherlock Holmes, Gabino Iglesias, Max Booth III and Chris Roy.

Your Friday morning reads.

Dietrich Kalteis interviews Terry Shames, author of “A Risky Undertaking for Loretta Singletary” (Seventh Street Books, 2019)

Lawrence Maddox has an interesting essay at SleuthSayers called “The Manual of Mindfulness: Thinking Like Sherlock Holmes“.

Benjamin Whitmer interviews Gabino Iglesias, author of “Coyote Songs” (Broken River Books, 2018). (LA Review of Books)

“Carnivorous Lunar Activities” by Max Booth III (Fangoria, 2019) is reviewed at Ink Heist.

Short Story: “Today” (Part One) by Chris Roy (Close to the Bone)

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