Small Crimes: Saturday Reads

Isabella Maldonado, Tracy Clark, And Tori Eldridge talked city culture and diversity (Mystery Tribune)

Chris Rhatigan interviewed Paul Heatley, author of “Guillotine” (All Due Respect)

Kristopher Zgorski interviewed Lauren O’Brien of Malcolm Avenue Review (BOLO Books)

Janet Rudolph has an exhaustive list of Easter mysteries (Mystery Fanfare)

CrimeReads has an article about the best endings in 2018 crime fiction. I won’t link to it, but if you want to ruin your future reading, go forth.

Short Story: “The Ballad of One Man and Two Man” by Peter Caffrey (Close to the Bone)

Podcast: Steve Cavanagh and Luca Veste chatted. If you fast forward over the Goat game, it’s a great episode. (Two Crime Writers and a Microphone)

Magazine: “Switchblade: Issue 9” (April 2019) featuring Paul D. Marks, Glenn A. Bruce, John Kojak, J. Rohr, Willie Smith, Richard Risemberg, A.F. Knott, Stefen Styrsky, Fred Rock, Mark Slade, and Jack Bates.

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