Small Crimes: Thursday Reads

Small Crimes Thursday Reads features Otto Penzler, Do Some Damage, Nathan Blackwell, Crime Fiction Lovers, Shannon Kirk, The Thrill Begins, CrimeReads, Flash Bang Mysteries, Frank Bill, and Benjamin Whitmer.

Here’s something I wrote, “Ain’t No Party Like an Otto Penzler Party” (Do Some Damage)

Nathan Blackwell, author of “The Sound of Her Voice”, interviewed (Crime Fiction Lover)

Shannon Kirk, author of “Gretchen”, on beta readers (The Thrill Begins)

The State of the Mystery: Part 2 of a Roundtable Discussion (CrimeReads)

Short Story: New Flash Bang Mysteries is out.

Podcast: Debut episode. Frank Bill interviewed Benjamin Whitmer (House of Grit)

Book: “Breaking the Lore” by Andy Redsmith (Canelo, 2019)

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