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Incident Report No. 74

The Incident Report covers the world of small press crime fiction for the week of April 21st. through April 27th.

The Incident Report covers the world of small press crime fiction for the week of April 21st. through April 27th.

Revenge is always best served on television. Just ask Attica Locke.

What exactly is going on? First let us go back to November 2018 when the Mystery Writers of America announced that it would be bestowing upon Linda Fairstein its Grand Master award for literary achievement.

Linda who?


I might not know all about mystery writing but some names always pop up and Fairstein’s was never one of them. Never. But more importantly after the MWA announcement, there were several tweets written by Attica Locke, author of “Bluebird, Bluebird” about Fairstein’s complicity in the wrongful conviction of the Central Park Five.

I was familiar enough with the Central Park Five case, but not with some of the details such as the name of the prosecutor. Steph Cha followed up with an article in the Los Angeles Times about the scandal that helped detail the mess. Push came to shove and the MWA rescinded their honor to Fairstein.

Jump five months ahead and we arrive at this interesting tidbit about Felicity Huffman, who will plead guilty in the college admission scandal, and her connection to Fairstein.

In all likelihood, Locke probably had no input in hiring Huffman to play Fairstein in “When They See Us”, but my hope here is that in the future Fairstein will mostly like be best known for having a felon depict her on television.


In case you forgot, Otto Penzler is still a douche nozzle.

Angel Luis Colón and Jay Stringer on Otto and other things (bastard title and Do Some Damage respectively)

How are females represented in your story? There’s more than the Bechdel Test to consider. There’s the Sexy Lamp and the Mako Mori to name a few. Author Crystal Lynn Hilbert puts it altogether with “A Tasting Menu of Female Representation“.

If you haven’t heard by now, Patricia Abbot’s husband passed away.

Frank Bill, author of “Donnybrook”, has a podcast called the House of Grit. In his first episode he interviewed Benjamin Whitmer, author of “Cry Father”.

There’s a lot of other news going on in the crime fiction world and guess what you can catch up with it here at Unlawful Acts, Monday through Saturday with posts the links to news as well as short stories, podcasts, and recently published books. Two other sites that do a great job with the news are J. Kingston Pierce’s The Rap Sheet and Kevin Tipple’s Kevin’s Corner. Please check them out.

Also, on Sundays, I’m publishing links to upcoming books in by independent publishing. Check out yesterday’s edition and the one from the week prior.

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