Small Crimes: Wednesday Reads

Small Crimes Wednesday Reads features Jacqueline Sheehan, The Writer, Nick Kolakowski, Mystery Tribune, Paul D. Marks, SleuthSayers, Gary Nunn, The Guardian, Ilan Mochari, Tough, Wendy Heard, Angel Luis Cólon, Patricia Abbot, and Down & Out Books.

Before you go on, please read the article by Jacqueline Sheehan, “Lee Child and Paul Doiron on strong, interesting, complex female characters”. (The Writer)

Nick Kolakowski’s response, “Ignorance About The Current State Of Crime Fiction Is Rampant” (Mystery Tribune)

Paul D. Marks on flash fiction and Jorge Luis Borges (SleuthSayers)

“Don’t Ditch the Adverb, the Emoji of Writing” by Gary Nunn (The Guardian)

Short Story: “A Heart Within Me” by Ilan Mochari (Tough)

Podcast: Wendy Heard interviewed by Angel Luis Cólon (the bastard title)

Book: “Monkey Justice” by Patricia Abbott (Down & Out Books, 2019)

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