Small Crimes: Tuesday Reads

Small Crimes Tuesday Reads features Agatha winners, tagging authors in negative reviews, binge reading, Christian suspense, and lots more.

J. Kingston Pierce lists the Agatha Award winners (The Rap Sheet)

Abby Hargreaves, a librarian, tries to slay the beast with “Unpopular Opinion: Tagging Authors in Negative Reviews” (Book Riot)

“Why You Should Start Binge-Reading Right Now” by Ben Dolnick (The New York Times)

“Christian Suspense”, a discussion with Colleen Coble, Cara Putnam, Randy Singer, and Carrie Stuart Parks. (CrimeReads)

Short Story: “Timmigrant” by Angel Luis Colón (Shotgun Honey)

Podcast: The boys interview Neil Broadfoot (Two Crime Writers and a Microphone)

Book: “The Hoods Take Over” by Ovid Demaris (Stark House Press, 2019))

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