Small Crimes: Saturday Reads

Small Crimes Saturday Reads features Gary Phillips, Lawrence Maddox, CrimeReads, Joe Clifford, Reed Farrell Coleman, Mystery Tribune, Tom McDade, Close to the Bone, Keith Rosson, and Meerkat Press.

Interview with Gary Phillips by Lawrence Maddox (SleuthSayers)

Oh, FFS. Unsurprisingly, when one looks back at stories written say in the ’30s with the eyes of today, one can find them outrageously offensive. (CrimeReads)

“Rag and Bone” by Joe Clifford reviewed (Dead End Follies)

Vanessa Lillie interviewed (BOLO Books)

“Reed Farrel Coleman’s ‘Short Stack” Is A Master Class In Short Stories” by Nick Kolakowski (Mystery Tribune)

Short Story: “Of Duck and Timex” by Tom McDade (Close to the Bone)

Book: “Smoke City” by Keith Rosson (Meerkat Press, 2018)

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