Small Crimes: Tuesday Reads

Small Crimes Tuesday reads features A.J. Devlin, Sons of Spade, Michael Chiklis, Tobias Carroll, Oakley Hall, CrimeReads, Meghan Holloway, James Scott Bell, Kill Zone, Mason Anaya, Shotgun Honey, Frank Zafiro, Angel Luis Colón, the bastard title, and Newest Press

Interview with A.J. Devlin, author of “Cobra Clutch” (Sons of Spade)

Michael Chiklis to star in new crime drama (Killing Times TV)

Tobias Carroll, managing editor of Vol. 1 Brooklyn, on why Oakley Hall still matters (CrimeReads)

Meghan Holloway, author of “Once More Onto the Breach”, on war thrillers. (CrimeReads)

“Using the Argument Against Transformation to Strengthen Your Story” by James Scott Bell (Kill Zone)

Short Story: “The Errand ” by Mason Anaya (Shotgun Honey)

Podcast: Frank Zafiro interviewed by Angel Luis Colón (the bastard title)

Book: “Cobra Clutch” by A.J. Devlin (Newest Press, 2018)

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