Small Crimes: Thursday Reads

Small Crimes Thursday Reads features Thomas Harris, Matt Phillips, Chris Rhatigan, All Due Respect, Linda L. Richards, Dietrich Kalteis, Bill Wolfe, Jane Friedman, Paul Matts, Punk Noir Magazine, Marlon James, Daniel Jos Older, fiction/non/fiction/ Meghan Holloway, and Polis Books.

How Thomas Harris started changed the serial killer genre (Washington Post)

Matt Phillips, author of “Countdown”, interviewed by Chris Rhatigan (All Due Respect)

Linda L. Richards, author of “When Blood Lies”, interviewed (Dietrich Kalteis)

Interview with Bill Wolfe, a guy who only reads literary fiction by women (Jane Friedman)

Short Story: “Hollow Love” by Paul Matts (Punk Noir Magazine)

Podcast: Marlon James and Daniel Jos Older interviewed about genre vs literary ficiton (fiction/non/fiction)

Book: “Once More Unto the Breach” by Meghan Holloway (Polis Books, 2019)

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