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Indie Crime Releases: Week of May 19

Indie Crime Releases include Pablo D’Stair, All Due Respect, Paul Heatley, Fahrenheit Press, EconoClash Review, J.D. Graves, Chris Bauer, Severn River Publishing, D.P. Lyle, Oceanview Publishing, D.W. Buffa, Polis Books, Vin Packer, Stark House Press, Alex Sinclair, Bloodhound Books, McGarvey Black, Ralph Dennis, Brash Books, Nick Louth, Canelo, Joe Ricker, Down & Out Books, Charles Salzberg, David Housewright, Alice Loweecey, Henery Press, David Hodges, Joffe Books, Linda Stratmann, Sapere Books, Agnete Friis, Soho Crime, Paul Kane, Marie O’Regan, Titan Books, G.S. Denning, Mike B. Murphey, and Acorn Publishing.

Man Standing Behind
by Pablo D’Stair
(All Due Respect)

Leaving work on a nondescript evening, Roger is held up at gunpoint when he stops at a cash machine. He attempts to hand everything in his bank account, but robbery isn’t on the gunman’s mind.

Roger is told simply to walk.

The gunman takes him on a macabre odyssey―from city pubs to suburban neighborhoods to isolated homes in the country―and as the night presses on, a seemingly not-so-random body count grows around him.

A moment-by-moment exploration of moral paralysis, Man Standing Behind charts the psyche of a random man caught in the roils of a mortal circumstance nothing to do with his own life. Is he a witness, a victim…or something altogether worse?


“This is where D’Stair shines. He has the ability to take a situation, one which might traditionally be addressed emotionally, and analyze it to the point of emotional emptiness. Life and death…is not a fight or flight, subconscious decision, but is one to be pondered, examined, weighed against context.” —Caleb J. Ross, author of Stranger Will, I Didn’t Mean to be Kevin, and The Soul Standard

“Over the years I’ve stopped being astonished at the multifarious things that Pablo D’Stair can do well. Let’s just say it: whatever he puts his hand to he accomplishes and with a style and panache that is his alone. So, while this short noir, Man Standing Behind…does completely satisfy, even thrill. The language is precise. The mood spot-on. The characters well-wrought and whatever the opposite of cliché is. Original. Idiosyncratic. Off-kilter. Strange. The slap-back dialog, the scenes as accurate as if directed by Fritz Lang. This is D’Stair’s world. Welcome to it. I envy you if this is your first time in.” —Corey Mesler, author of Memphis Movie and Camel’s Bastard Son

Praise for the work of Pablo D’Stair:

“Somehow again and again you’re drawn in…you get used to the book’s rhythm and follow it because the work is obsessive. We find ourselves in a languid kind of suspense, bracing ourselves…” —Bret Easton Ellis, author of American Psycho, Rules of Attraction, and Lunar Park

“Pablo D’Stair doesn’t just write like a house afire, he writes like the whole city’s burning, and these words he’s putting on the page are the thing that can save us all.” —Stephen Graham Jones, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Mapping the Interior, Mongrels and All the Beautiful Sinners

“Pablo D’Stair is defining the new writer [and the new film maker]. There is NO ONE else. As reckless as Kerouac’s 120-foot trace paper, D’Stair’s independence from all of us needs to be studied and celebrated. This is revolution. D’Stair’s late realism needs to be included in any examination of the condition of the novel.” —Tony Burgess, award-winning author/screenwriter of Pontypool Changes Everything and People Live Still in Cashtown Corners

“Like Kerouac before him, I felt there was one roll of paper on which the story was typed. And there’s a rhythm behind it. Not the speedy bop of jazz this time, more an urban dubstep. Shadows and edges becoming audible.” —Nigel Bird, author of Smoke and In Loco Parentis

Bad Bastards
by Paul Heatley
(Fahrenheit Press)

Patty Dawson is beautiful – tall, with most of her length in her legs – and Patton has fallen head over heels. Patty is also Bobby Hodge’s daughter and that means she’s off-limits to guys like Patton.

Bobby runs the Bad Bastards Motorcycle Club with an iron fist – he runs his family the same way – and when he finds out about Patton and his only daughter it was only ever going to go one way, badly.

Beaten to a pulp and under threat of death, Patton is determined to find a way to be with the girl he loves no matter what the cost, but as the stakes get higher he has to decide just how far he’s willing to go in the name of love.

Praise for Paul Heatley

“Heatley has an adept ear, and he’s got the writer’s chops to translate what he hears.” —Matt Phillips, author of Accidental Outlaws and Know Me From Smoke.

“Heatley has this genre down pat and few others can top his style. Step into the dark and enjoy the fun.” —Grady Harp, San Francisco Review of Books

“Heatley is becoming a master of American noir in the vein of Jim Thompson and James M. Cain.” – David Nemeth, Unlawful Acts

EconoClash Review #4
edited by J.D. Graves
(May 2019)

Every one likes a good cheap thrill, but if you enjoy quality schadenfreude you’ll love the tightly wound tales found between the covers of ECR number four. Number Four: The elemental number: Earth-wind-fire-books…I mean air. Four is the tetrad…the perfect number…a number for all mankind. These stories pulse with realism as they swing wildly between genres and bring you the joy in other people’s pain. The one, the only Rex Weiner kicks things off with a fantastic peek into realistic crime and punishment; and the one, the only, A.B. Patterson closes the show with the most transgressive thing I’ve read outside a public lavatory. Everyone in between brings vivid, pulse pumping action and suspense mixed nicely with severe moments of WTH. ECR #4 proudly features the authors: Mark Slade, Jon Zelazny, Robert Petyo, Hailey Piper, Matthew X. Gomez, Mark Slade, J.L. Boekenstein, Hatebreaker, J.S. Rogers, and C.W. Blackwell. Buy this book–lock the door with a chair—and get down with the fourth Issue of EconoClash Review.

Hiding Among the Dead
by Chris Bauer
(Severn River Publishing)

Philo Trout:
Retired Navy SEAL.

Former bare-knuckles boxer.

Current crime scene cleaner.

“Couldn’t pry me away…Bauer writes with authenticity…A knockout original story, with a host of equally original characters. Certainly not your typical crime fiction, and that’s a good thing.” —David Swinson, author of Trigger.

Philo Trout just wanted to start over.

He moved to Philadelphia to keep his past a secret. His new life as a crime scene cleaner is quiet—until he discovers that many of his “clients” are coming up short on their organ count.

As Philo tries to outrun his past, a coworker can’t remember his own. Patrick was found brutally beaten, and is now an amnesiac as a result. When the connection between his coworker’s history and missing organs begins to emerge, Philo is determined to solve the puzzle.

The trail of clues leads Philo into a dark conspiracy. A brutal organization will stop at nothing to protect their secret. And Philo’s past as a fighter might be his only route to the truth…

If he can survive that long.

HIDING AMONG THE DEAD is a dark and acion-packed thriller by Chris Bauer. If you enjoy Elmore Leonard and Breaking Bad, then you’ll love this edgy, heart-stoppingly suspenseful book.

Sunshine State
by D.P. Lyle
(Oceanview Publishing)

Serial killer’s message to PI Jake Longly: Two of those seven murders I confessed to are not mine—but I won’t tell you which two.

Jake Longly and Nicole Jamison are confronted with the most bizarre case yet. Serial killer Billy Wayne Baker now denies that two of his seven murders were actually his work. An anonymous benefactor, who believes Billy Wayne’s denials, has hired Longly Investigations to prove Billy Wayne right. Billy Wayne had confessed to all seven. Not only did the confessed serial killer have the motive, means, and opportunity for murder, but his DNA was found at each crime scene. Bizarre doesn’t quite cover it.

Jake and Nicole travel to the small Gulf Coast town of Pine Key, Florida, where three of the murders occurred. The local police, FBI, state prosecutor, and crime lab each did their jobs, uncovered overwhelming evidence of Billy Wayne’s guilt—and even extracted a full confession. Is Billy Wayne simply trying to tweak the system to garner another fifteen minutes of fame? It’s likely all a game to him, but, if he’s being truthful—someone out there is getting away with multiple murders. How? Why? And most importantly, who?

Dark clouds loom in the Sunshine State.

The 45th
by D.W. Buffa
(Polis Books)

What if a political party in disarray turned to a man to lead them with no political background?

What if a country torn apart by ideology turned to a man whose charisma belied a complete lack of governing experience?

What if a country elected a President based not on qualifications, but on hope?

Would this man lead the country into a new era of fortune and prosperity? Or would he lead them into total and complete chaos?

D.W. Buffa has proven himself as one of the absolute best political writers working today, and in THE 45TH he creates a work of compelling fiction that’s as timely as this morning’s news. THE 45TH will leave you breathless, enraged, and unable to forget it once the last page is turned.

Something in the Shadows / Intimate Victims
by Vin Packer
(Stark House Press)

SOMETHING IN THE SHADOWSIt begins on an upstate country road. Joseph Meaker is following a Mercedes-Benz on his way home when the driver ahead of him swerves suddenly and runs over something in the road. Curious, Joseph stops–and finds his treasured cat, Ishmael, dying in the road. Grief-stricken, all he can ask himself is what kind of person would drive over an animal like this. He tracks the Mercedes to his neighbors, Dr. Louis Hart and his wife Janice. Joseph’s wife, Maggie, thinks he should confront the doctor and be done with it. But that isn’t Joseph’s way. Joseph doesn’t intend to get over it—he intends to get even.

INTIMATE VICTIMSRobert Bowser had embezzled exactly $100,043.77. He had written the farewell note to his wife and was ready to escape down to Brazil. Unfortunately, young social-wannabe Harvey Plangman finds the note. Plangman had always wanted to be rich, to be accepted into the moneyed world. He saw his chance, and blackmailed Bowser into trading places with him. Bowser moves into Plangman’s small campus rooming house, while Plangman settles into an upscale New York apartment. It was the perfect switch—Bowser found himself enjoying the freedom of his new surroundings, and Plangman worked hard at ingratiating himself into his new world. It almost worked.

He’s At Your Door
by Alex Sinclair
(Bloodhound Books)


Karen Rainey lives a sheltered life on the edge of the city. For the last five years, she has rarely left the home unless it was unavoidable. She has her food and anything else she needs delivered to the front door. She works from home to avoid venturing outside.

But Karen isn’t agoraphobic. She’s terrified of her ex-boyfriend, Zach, who is serving a life sentence in prison for a string of bank robberies after Karen testified against him. With the constant threat that Zach might send someone to find and kill her, Karen keeps a low profile.

To aid her in paying the rent each month, Karen takes in the occasional housemate, opting for students from the local university. Her current housemate, Beth, is a young student who has no idea about Karen’s past.

But when a mysterious package is left on her doorstep, it sends Karen’s world into turmoil.

Has Zack found her?

Isolated and frightened, Karen befriends Beth but refuses to tell her everything about her past.

Trapped inside their home, Karen and Beth soon begin to lose their minds.

But is the threat really outside or is it closer to home?

He’s At Your Door is a must-read psychological thriller and is perfect for fans of authors like Mark Edwards, Shalini Boland and John Marrs.

I Am Quinn
by McGarvey Black
(Bloodhound Books)

My name is Quinn Roberts and I was murdered.

Quinn Roberts is dead and she wants to know how it happened. She’s angry, confused and disappointed that her life is over. Most of her friends have moved on and it seems like no one cares who was responsible. Her adult children are in shock but their mother’s death is too painful, so they do nothing.

Soon after her murder, Quinn’s husband, Alec, acquires a new wife and Quinn becomes a distant memory. Only her sister, Erin, and Detective John McQuillan continue to search for answers.

But as the case stalls, the formal investigation is moved to the Cold Case division and Quinn’s family loses hope that there will ever be an arrest.

Can Quinn get the justice she deserves? And, is discovering the truth always worth it?

If you are a fan of addictive psychological thrillers by authors like Lesley Kara and Cara Hunter, then you are going to love McGarvey Black’s unmissable new thriller, I Am Quinn.

The Last of the Armageddon Wars
by Ralph Dennis
(Brash Books)

The 11th adventure in the ground-breaking Hardman series
The Man, the “Black Godfather” of Atlanta, controls most of the crime in the city… but now someone wants to take it all away from him…by putting a bullet in his head and killing his crew. The Man wants Hardman to find out who it is. So do two Atlanta cops who want to stop a bloodbath on the streets. But Hardman wants nothing to with it. Taking sides in a war he doesn’t want to fight could get him killed. The problem is, The Man isn’t taking no for answer. Hardman will be dead man either way… so he decides he might as well earn a buck on his way to the grave.

“Dennis may not have made literature of Hardman, but he damn sure touched on it more than a time or two.” Joe R. Lansdale, New York Times bestselling author of the Hap & Leonard novels.

“Everything one expects from a private eye novel: exceptional characterization, strong and vigorous prose, and a glimpse into a place and time that has long since disappeared.” Mystery Scene Magazine”One of the best crime novel series ever written. This is straight-up, hardboiled crime fiction, written in a tight, evocative voice with a wicked, dark sense of humor. It’s wonderful!” Lee Goldberg, #1 New York Times bestselling author of True Fiction

“Ralph Dennis has mastered the genre and supplied top entertainment.” The New York Times

This new edition includes an afterword by David H. Everson, a poltical science professor and a two time Shamus Award nominated author

The Body in the Mist
by Nick Louth

A brutal murder hints at a terrifying mystery, and this time it’s personal.
A body is found on a quiet lane in Exmoor, victim of a hit and run. He has no ID, no wallet, no phone, and – after being dragged along the road – no recognisable face.

Meanwhile, fresh from his last case, DCI Craig Gillard is unexpectedly called away to Devon on family business.

Gillard is soon embroiled when the car in question is traced to his aunt. As he delves deeper, a dark mystery reveals itself, haunted by family secrets, with repercussions Gillard could never have imagined.

The past has never been deadlier.

From master storyteller Nick Louth comes the third instalment in the DCI Craig Gillard series. Compelling, fast-paced and endlessly enjoyable, The Body in the Mist is a triumph, perfect for fans of Robert Bryndza, Angela Marsons and Faith Martin

What readers are saying about Nick Louth
‘An unputdownable, heart-thudder of a read’ Carol Wyer, author of Little Girl Lost

‘This was up there with the best thrillers I have ever read.’

‘Had me hooked from the start! I would definitely recommend this book.’

‘It grips you from the first page to the last. Excellent.’

Walkin’ After Midnight
by Joe Ricker
(Down & Out Books)

Joe Ricker writes with a voice reminiscent of Jim Thompson and Raymond Carver.

This collection of stories is set in the darkest corners of New England, where the damaged American underbelly emerges. The characters in these stories will challenge every notion you have of right and wrong, and you’ll quickly realize that you’ve probably passed some of the characters in these stories on the streets. Be glad you kept walking.

Walkin’ After Midnight is a searing and poignant representation of the shadowy side of humanity, the part of our culture that we don’t want to believe exists. But it does, and the author that Esquire referred to as “A man of letters who’s gentle in the way that only the toughest of hard-asses can be” has brought it to your doorstep.


“Joe Ricker is a hard-boiled poet in the tradition of Charles Bukowski. He writes of lonely, scarred men, damaged women, and of haunted places we all know. These shorts are served straight up with no chaser. Like the best of noir, it’s about people with few options and often no way out. Highly recommended.”—Ace Atkins, New York Times bestselling author of The Forsaken and The Redeemers

Swann’s Down
by Charles Salzberg
(Down & Out Books)

When Henry Swann is asked by his quirky partner, Goldblatt, to find a missing psychic who’s swindled his ex-wife out of a small fortune, he just can’t say no. Although he doesn’t actually expect to get paid, he figures it might give him a chance to finally learn more about his partner’s mysterious past. His search takes him into the controversial, arcane world of psychics, fortunetellers, and charlatans, while raising questions in his own mind about whether or not there is an after-life.

While working his partner’s case, he’s approached by a former employer, attorney Paul Rudder, to track down a missing witness who might be able to provide an alibi for his client, Nicky Diamond, a notorious mob hitman who’s scheduled to go on trial in a week for murder he claims he didn’t commit. Swann’s search for the missing witness, who happens to be the defendant’s girlfriend, takes him from Brooklyn to a small beach town across the bay from Mobile, Alabama. But what does she really know and will she even come back with him to testify for her boyfriend?

Praise for SWANN’S DOWN:

“From Manhattan to Coney Island to the steamy shores of Alabama, Charles Salzberg delivers a top-flight mystery with his latest Henry Swann outing. Highly recommended.” —Tom Straw, New York Times bestselling author as Richard Castle

“Psychics, double-crosses, missing persons—Charles Salzberg’s latest Henry Swann book has it all. Swann’s Down is a gritty, no-frills PI novel that brings to mind greats like Reed Farrel Coleman’s Moe Prager and Michael Harvey’s Michael Kelly. Whether this is your first Swann adventure or the latest, you won’t want to miss the brass-knuckle punch that is Swann’s Down. Trust me.” —Alex Segura, author of Blackout and Dangerous Ends

“Swann’s Down gives readers two intriguing mysteries for the price of one, as skip tracer Henry Swann pursues a woman who might alibi a murderer and a psychic who swindled the ex-wife of Swann’s partner. Swann’s wry wit, quotes from authors and philosophers, genius for questioning suspects, and dark past make him a character readers will follow anywhere as he seeks his quarry. This is another thrilling addition to this excellent series.” —Rich Zahradnik, Shamus Award-winning author of Lights Out Summer

“Henry Swann dives in where others fear to tread in Swann’s Down. Fast. Funny. And smart. This time out, Swann crosses paths with a psycho hitman, a phony psychic and Swann’s mysterious partner, a disbarred lawyer. Who could ask for more? I hope we’ll see a lot more of Swann in the future and that this isn’t Swann’s swan song.” —Paul D. Marks, Shamus Award-winning author of White Heat and Broken Windows

A Hard Ticket Home
by David Housewright
(Down & Out Books)

Ex-St. Paul cop Rushmore McKenzie has more time and more money than he knows what to do with. In fact, when he’s willing to admit it to himself (and usually he isn’t), McKenzie is downright bored. Until he decides to do a favor for a friend facing a family tragedy: nine-year-old Stacy Carlson has been diagnosed with leukemia, and the only one with the matching bone marrow that can save her is her older sister Jamie. Trouble is, Jamie ran away from home years ago.

McKenzie begins combing the backstreets of the Twin Cities, tracking down Jamie’s last known associates only to discover that along with the expected pimps and drug dealers, Jamie was also a favorite of a violent street gang, arms smugglers, and Minnesota’s moneyed elite. And as the body-count rises, he learns that what he’s looking for–and why–are nothing like he had imagined.


“I didn’t so much read A Hard Ticket Home as inhale it. What a wonderful time I had. The action is superb, and the tour of the Twin Cities is a delight. I love Rushmore McKenzie. He’s heroic, foolish, clever, vulnerable–and unapologetically nice. One more hardback I shall have to buy every year.” –Nevada Barr, author of Hunting Season

“The author has a sharp, bouncy prose style, and his story-about Mac’s search for a friend’s long-missing daughter who can possibly be a bone marrow donor for her younger sister-has some touching and exciting moments…A true son of Spenser.” –Publishers Weekly

“The hero of this action-packed novel is very human: sometimes a smart aleck, sometimes sensitive and vulnerable–and more than capable of pulling the trigger. A surprise at every turn.” –Dallas Morning Star

“Millionaire ex-cop rights wrongs pro-bono in an amiable throwback to Marlowe/Archer. Housewright has a keeper in McKenzie–tough, smart and sufficiently flawed to be entirely likeable.” –Kirkus Review

“David Housewright’s McKenzie (you want his first name and the story behind it, it’s in the book) is a smartaleck, wisecracking, two-fisted, soft-hearted and very human addition to the PI field. Get to know him–you’ll be glad you did.” –S.J. Rozan, author of Winter and Night

“David Housewright has written a stunning novel. His prose is bone hard and beautiful, his story brutally dark, undeniably compelling, and in odd, unpredictable moments, quite funny. This is a guy who knows the human soul, and he lays it bare on every page.” –William Kent Krueger, author of Blood Hollow

“Another winner from David Housewright. Private investigator ‘Mac’ McKenzie is the quintessential lone crusader, and A Hard Ticket Home is the perfect example of the Great Modern American Detective Novel. Fans of Robert B. Parker, John D. McDonald, and Ross MacDonald will love this book.” –Pete Hautmann, author of Doohickey

Better Than Nun
by Alice Loweecey
(Henery Press)

Giulia Driscoll used to say running a detective agency was the busiest job she’d ever had. Then the ghosts showed up, and she figured now she’s the busiest ever. This of course challenged the Universe to say, “Hold my beer.”

Today she’s running the agency, sleuthing on behalf of the ghosts, and being the mother of a two-month-old. At last she understands those 5-Hour Energy commercials.

The Universe then dropped two clients in her lap for Mardi Gras: a family greedy to find hidden money and the son of her least-favorite person, Ken Kanning of The Scoop. The positive: a date night! The not-so-positive: it’s a working date night. Driscoll Investigations is joining the big Mardi Gras costume charity gala to search for potential thieves. Kanning Junior will be at the party showing off his tame ghost.

The Scoop, a few hundred drunk revelers, a mercenary family, and a ghost who isn’t as tame as the kid thinks. What could possibly go wrong?

Did someone just hear the Universe say, “Hold my beer”?

Murder on the Levels
by David Hodges
(Joffe Books)


Detective Kate Hamblin is doing surveillance on the Somerset Levels, trying to catch a crazed arsonist. She leaves the van for a moment. Then it goes up in flames, killing her two colleagues.


Kate is accused of abandoning them and is excluded from the murder hunt and effectively suspended from duty.

She is desperate to nail the killer herself and clear her name. She risks all by entering into an unholy alliance with the murder team’s chief suspect.

Kate finds herself not only targeted in a personal vendetta by her own DCI, but stalked by the very killer she is pursuing .


Can Kate catch the killer before he takes out the only witness? And will her career go up in flames before it’s even really started?


Perfect for fans of Rachel Abbott, Robert Bryndza, Mel Sherratt, Angela Marsons, Colin Dexter, or Ruth Rendell.

Kate Hamblin is a feisty, young police detective, with a dynamic approach to her job. She is plucky and tenacious, but prone to being impetuous and headstrong, which often lands her in tight spots and does not exactly endear her to her crusty boss, DI Ted Roscoe.

In stark contrast to Kate, her detective partner, Hayden, is an overweight, untidy ex-public schoolboy, with a pompous, laid-back attitude, which drives her to distraction. But he is also highly intelligent, with a keen, analytical mind and a practical, reasoned approach to everything, which often acts as a brake on some of his partner’s more impulsive actions.

A patchwork of fields, peat moor and marshland, dotted with picturesque villages and criss-crossed by man-made irrigation ditches or rhynes, the Somerset Levels covers an area of about 160,000 acres between the Mendips and Quantock Hills, in the County of Somerset. Sparsely populated outside the local towns of Bridgwater, Glastonbury and Street and prone to flooding, it is a haven for wild life, a wild, secret place with an atmospheric brooding stillness, which creeps into the very soul; a place where the booming call of a bittern or the beating of an owl’s wings in the mist is bound to fire the imagination of any self-respecting crime novelist, whose thoughts will invariably turn to… murder.

A former police superintendent, with thirty years’ service. Since ‘turning to crime’, he has received critical media acclaim, including a welcome accolade from Inspector Morse’s creator, the late great, Colin Dexter, and he is now a prolific novelist with eleven published crime novels and an autobiography on his police career to his credit. His previous police experience has enabled him to provide a gritty realism to his thrillers and his Somerset Murder Series, featuring feisty female detective, Kate, and her partner, Hayden, has gone from strength to strength, attracting interest in the United States as well as in the UK.

The Ghost of Hollow House
by Linda Stratmann
(Sapere Books)

Mina Scarletti returns in her most thrilling mystery yet! Perfect for fans of Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie and Antonia Hodgson…

A peaceful country retreat has become the scene of relentless terror…

Sussex, 1872

Mina Scarletti is invited to ancient Hollow House to investigate reports of ghostly occurrences.

The current occupants – newlyweds Mr Honeyacre and his wife, Kitty – have been plagued by unexplained noises and strange visions since moving into the property.

And now most of their servants refuse to stay at the house after dark for fear of encountering the ghostly presence of ‘the woman in white’.

A determined sceptic, Mina’s main concern is for Kitty, whose health appears to be dramatically sinking under the strain of all that is going on.

With the help of her trusted adviser, Dr Hamid, and her lively friend, Nell, Mina must get to the heart of the mystery.

Have the maids merely been frightening themselves with tales of the macabre? Is there a rational explanation for what is being reported?

Or will Mina be forced to admit to the presence of a ghost in Hollow House?

THE GHOST OF HOLLOW HOUSE is the fourth cosy mystery in Linda Stratmann’s intriguing historical series, the Mina Scarletti investigations, a traditional British detective series with a feisty woman sleuth set in Victorian Brighton.

‘This is a wonderful mystery novel full of twists, turns, and a spine-tingling sense of creeping dread. I loved every page of it and couldn’t put it down’ – Robert Thorogood, creator of Death in Paradise

‘Linda Stratmann has provided an indomitable heroine in Mina Scarletti’ –

‘Linda Stratmann is happily feeding the unquenchable thirst for Victorian crime fiction’ –

The Summer of Ellen
by Agnete Friis
(Soho Crime)

Agnete Friis’s lyrical, evocative work of psychological suspense weaves together two periods in one man’s life to explore obsession, toxic masculinity, and the tricks we play on our own memory.

Jacob, a middle-aged architect living in Copenhagen, is in the alcohol-soaked throes of a bitter divorce when he receives an unexpected call from his great-uncle Anton. In his nineties and still living with his brother on their rural Jutland farm—a place Jacob hasn’t visited since the summer of 1978—Anton remains haunted by a single question: What happened to Ellen?

To find out, Jacob must return to the farm and confront what took place that summer—one defined by his teenage obsession with Ellen, a beautiful young hippie from the local commune, and the unsolved disappearance of a local girl. In revisiting old friends and rivals, Jacob discovers the tragedies that have haunted him for over forty years were not what they seemed.

Exit Wounds
edited by Paul Kane and Marie O’Regan
(Titan Books)

A brand-new anthology of crime stories written by masters of the genre, including Jeffrey Deaver, Elly Griffiths and Joe R. Landsdale.

A brand-new anthology of crime stories written by masters of the genre.

Paul Kane is the award-winning author of over 70 books, including Alone (In the Dark), Touching the Flame, FunnyBones, Signs of Life, The Lazarus Condition, Peripheral Visions, The Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy, RED, Of Darkness and Light, The Gemini Factor and the bestselling Arrowhead trilogy of novels (Arrowhead, Broken Arrow and Arrowland). He is a respected anthologist, editing collections such as Beyond Rue Morgue, Hell-Bound Hearts and Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell.

Marie O’Regan is an British Fantasy Award-nominated writer and editor of horror and dark fantasy fiction. Her anthologies include Mirror Mere, Hellbound Hearts, The Mammoth Book of Body Horror, Carnivale: Dark Tales From the Fairground and The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women. She is Co-Chair of the UK chapter of the Horror Writers’ Association.

Warlock Holmes – The Sign of Nine
by G.S. Denning
(Titan Books)

“If you ever wondered how much better Sherlock would be if people could hurl hellfire at each other, well this one is for you.” Starburst Magazine on A Study in Brimstone

Warlock Holmes may have demons in his head, but now Dr. John Watson has a mummy in his bloodstream. Specifically that of the sorcerer Xantharaxes, who when shredded and dissolved in an 8% solution, results in some extremely odd but useful prophetic dreams. There’s also the small matter of Watson falling for yet another damsel-du-jour, and Warlock deciding that his companion needs some domestic bliss…

Section Roads
by Mike B. Murphey
(Acorn Publishing)

When attorney Cullen Molloy attends his fortieth high school reunion, he doesn’t expect to be defending childhood friends against charges of murder…

In a small town on the high plains of Eastern New Mexico, life and culture are shaped by the farm roads defining the 640-acre sections of land homesteaders claimed at the turn of the Twentieth Century. Cullen and Shelby Blaine explore first love along these section roads during the 1960’s, forging a life-long emotional bond.

As junior high school band nerds, Cullen and Shelby fall under the protection of football player and loner, Buddy Boyd. During their sophomore year of high school, Buddy is charged with killing a classmate and is confined to a youth correctional facility. When he returns to town facing the prospect of imprisonment as an adult, Cullen becomes Buddy’s protector.

The unsolved case haunts the three friends into adulthood, and it isn’t until their fortieth reunion, that they’re forced to revisit that horrible night. When a new killing takes place, Cullen, Shelby and Buddy find themselves reliving the nightmare.

Murder is an easy thing to hide on old country section roads.

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