Small Crimes: Thursday Reads

Small Crimes Thursday Reads features Robert Ragan, Punk Noir Magazine, R.G. Belsky, Oceanview, Criminal Element, Ed Aymar, Washington Independent Review of Books, Clara McKenna, Kensington, The Reading Room, Alec Cizak, Flash Fiction Offensive, Kazuko Faukuda, Criminal Broads, Vincent Zandri, and Polis Books.

Interview with Robert Ragan, author of “Mannequin Legs: & Other Tales” (2018) (Punk Noir Magazine)

Interview with R.G. Belsky, author of “Below the Fold” (Oceanview, 2019) (Criminal Element)

“Lend Me Your Dog Ears” by E.A. Aymar (Washington Independent Review of Books)

Book Review: “Murder at Mornington Hall” by Clara McKenna (Kensington, 2019) (The Reading Room)

Short Story: “Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires” by Alec Cizak (Flash Fiction Offensive)

Podcast: Kazuko Fukuda: The Woman of Seven Faces (Criminal Broads)

Book: “The Caretaker’s Wife” by Vincent Zandri (Polis Books, 2019)

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