Small Crimes: Sandra Seamans and Friday Reads

Sandra Seamans, short story writer and blogger, has died. Her blog, My Little Corner, was instrumental in making whatever I do here at Unlawful Acts successful. As I wrote here in October 2018, “f you are a writer this is the blog [My Little Corner] you need to be reading!” Or back in May 2018, “As always you should be reading My Little Corner . . .”

I never had the pleasure of meeting Sandra in person and our contact was only a stray blog comment here and there, but Sandra will be greatly missed. Patti Abbott wrote, “Sandra Seamans served the writing community selflessly . . .”

Steve Weddle pointed us to an interview he did with Sandra back in July 2012 and Do Some Damage published Albert Tucher’s “Remembering Sandra Seamans” last night.

I briefly thought out writing a separate post regarding Sandra’s importance, but I figured adding my remembrance of her in my daily links would be something she’d appreciate.

Anthony Price, author of “The Labyrinth Makers” (1970) and “Other Paths to Glory” (1974) has died. (Do You Write Under Your Own Name)

Lawrence Maddox continued his interview with Gary Phillips (SleuthSayers)

Interview with L.A. Chandlar, author of the Art Deco Mystery series (Kensington) (Mystery Thriller Week)

“Fahrenheit Press FTW” by David Nemeth (Do Some Damage)

Interview with Terry Shames, author of “A Risky Undertaking For Loretta Singletary” (Seventh Street Books, 2019) (MysteryPeople)

Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s June 2019 Book Preview (Vol. 1 Brooklyn)

Claus von Bülow dies (The New York Times)

“Learn the Right Lessons from Naomi Wolf’s Book Blunder” by Philip Cohen (The New Republic)

Book Review: “Council” by Snorri Kristjansson (Quercus) (Crime Fiction Lover)

Book Review: “Breakers” by Doug Johnstone (Orenda, 2019) (Raven Crime Reads)

Short Story: “Wedding Shot over the Wire” by Paul Matts (Punk Noir Magazine)

Podcast: Steve Weddle chatted with Chris F. Holm, Holly West, and Jedidiah Ayres about all things erotic (Seven Minutes With)

Book: “Cold Rifts” by Sandra Seamans (Out of Print)

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