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Incident Report No. 79

The Incident Report covers the world of small press crime fiction for the week of May 26th through June 1st.

The Incident Report covers the world of small press crime fiction for the week of May 26th through June 1st.

If you haven’t read the 2017 interview with Walter Mosley in The Paris Review, make haste. It’ll go behind their paywall soon enough and you have got to read it.

Every day. People ask me if I write even when I’m on vacation. And I say, Man, do you take a shit on vacation?

I was once at an event at the New York Public Library, and I was standing with a poet, who will remain unnamed, and Toni Morrison. A woman came up who was obviously rich—the poet wanted to get more money from her for the library, and she said, Let me introduce you to Toni Morrison, the novelist, and Walter Mosley, the mystery writer. I said, I’m a novelist. And she said, Well, yes, a mystery writer. And I said, No, I’m a novelist. And she said, Mystery writer. She wouldn’t let me have that. But I can’t help what people think. I don’t care what people think. I only care what I do. So if I’m going to write a short story in Harlem that’s kind of like a Western, that’s what I’m going to write. Fuck ’em.

Fahrenheit Press had some big news this week. The first was the announcement their paperback/ebook bundle and the second was the unveiling of their new imprint, 69Crime.

I wrote about the bundle deal over at Do Some Damage, “if you purchase paperbacks directly from them, they will throw in the e-book version of the book as well.” As Chris McVeigh told me:

We’ve been thinking about doing it for a while and in the end we knew bundling the download with the paperback was the right thing to do. We gave ourselves a hard look in the mirror and we just couldn’t reconcile NOT doing this.

69Crime pairs work by two different authors and releases them in one physical book, a tête-bêche book.

Over at It’s an Indie Book Blog, they are excited about all of these changes as well.

This is how indie publishing will survive. Continuing to provide great stories, putting their readers first and looking for ways to innovate in a crowded market. They have done their bit, we now need to do ours. There are loads of links in this piece to go and buy a book …

If you haven’t had a chance to read Lawrence Maddox’s two-part SleuthSayers interview with Gary Phillips, here are the links: Part 1 and Part 2. Please don’t miss the interview Lori Rader-Day did with the great Sara Paretsky in CrimeReads. It’d be criminal if you did.

The sad news from this past week was the announcement of Sandra Seamans’s death. So before we get on with the links, here’s what I wrote about Seamans on Friday.

Sandra Seamans, short story writer and blogger, has died. Her blog, My Little Corner, was instrumental in making whatever I do here at Unlawful Acts successful. As I wrote here in October 2018, “f you are a writer this is the blog [My Little Corner] you need to be reading!” Or back in May 2018, “As always you should be reading My Little Corner . . .”

I never had the pleasure of meeting Sandra in person and our contact was only a stray blog comment here and there, but Sandra will be greatly missed. Patti Abbott wrote, “Sandra Seamans served the writing community selflessly . . .”

Steve Weddle pointed us to an interview he did with Sandra back in July 2012 and Do Some Damage published Albert Tucher’s “Remembering Sandra Seamans” last night.

I briefly thought out writing a separate post regarding Sandra’s importance, but I figured adding my remembrance of her in my daily links would be something she’d appreciate.


I thought about organizing the links by category like I did last week, but after some thought, I left them in the order they were published every day. My hope is you’ll read through them–categories or not–and you might accidentally find something of interest.

Interview with Annette Dashofy, author of “Fair Game” (Henery Press, 2019) (Writers Who Kill)

Book Review: “Budapest Noir” by Vilmos Kondor (Harper, 2012) (Men Reading Books)

TV: Claire Booth on “Elementary” (Do Some Damage)

Short Story: “Anniversaries of the Heart” by Beau Johnson (Punk Noir Magazine)

Poetry: “We’re All Whores After All” by John Patrick Robbins (Punk Noir Magazine)

“Pulp Appeal: John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” by Matthew X. Gomez (Broadswords and Blasters)

Interview with Lauren Wilkinson, author of “American Spy” (Random House, 2019) (Los Angeles Review of Books)

What exactly are eco-thrillers? Joel Burcat, author of “Drink to Every Beast” (Headline Books, 2019) has that answer. (The Thrill Begins)

New Releases ~ Week of May 26, 2019 (Dru’s Booking Musings)

Book Review: “The Summer of Ellen” by Agnete Friis (Soho Crime, 2019) (NPR)

Book Review: Andrew Nette reviewed “Moseby Confidential: Arthur Penn’s ‘Night Moves’ and The Rise of Neo-Noir” by Matthew Asprey Gear (Jorvik Press, 2019) (Pulp Curry)

Short Story: “The Garden Room” by Lisa D. Jones (Close to the Bone)

Podcast: Gabriel Valjan, author of “The Naming Game” (Winter Goose Publishing, 2019) , interviewed by Pam Stack (Authors on the Air)

Jason Beech interviews Tom Leins, author of “Repetition Kills You” (All Due Respect, 2018) (Out of the Gutter)

“How To Write A Thriller” by Ian Fleming (1963) (Literary Hub)

Read “Fiction of Facts” by Alice Attlee and you will twist your mind (Times Literary Supplement)

“Hiking Cormac McCarthy’s Western Wilderness During an Immigration Crisis” by Raksha Vasudevan (Literary Hub)

Revue of the Reviewers, 5-27-19 (The Rap Sheet)

Book Review: “A Risky Undertaking for Loretta Singletary” by Terry Shames (Seventh Street Books, 2019) by Kevin R. Tipple (Kevin’s Corner)

Book Review: “Deception Cove” by Owen Laukkanen (Mulholland Books, 2019) (Murder by the Book)

Book Review: “The Essential Poems” by Jim Harrison (Copper Canyon, 2019) by Dean Kuipers (Literary Hub)

Short Story: “Burning Down My Father’s House” by Michael Gills (Tough)

Podcast: Interview with Hilary Davidson, author of “One Small Sacrifice” (Thomas & Mercer, 2019) (Speaking of Mysteries)

“On Chicago, and the Joys and Agonies of Choosing a Setting for Your Crime Novel” by Tracy Clark, author of “Borrowed Time” (Kensington, 2019) (CrimeReads)

“The First Two Pages: ‘Borrowed Time’” by Tracy Clark (Art Taylor, Writer)

“How to Write Edgy Fiction Without Being Obnoxious” by Autumn Christian (Lit Reactor)

New releases from BOLO Books for the week of May 26, 2019 (BOLO Books)

Book Review: “The Savage Shore” by David Hewson (Severn House, 2018) (The Dorset Book Detective)

Short Story: “Portrait of a Hotel Photographer” by Jack Bates (Shotgun Honey)

Podcast: Eric Beetner and S.W. Lauden interview Susanna Calkins, Harry Hunsicker, and Sherry Harris (Writer Types)

Interview with Robert Ragan, author of “Mannequin Legs: & Other Tales” (2018) (Punk Noir Magazine)

Interview with R.G. Belsky, author of “Below the Fold” (Oceanview, 2019) (Criminal Element)

“Lend Me Your Dog Ears” by E.A. Aymar (Washington Independent Review of Books)

Book Review: “Murder at Mornington Hall” by Clara McKenna (Kensington, 2019) (The Reading Room)

Short Story: “Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires” by Alec Cizak (Flash Fiction Offensive)

Podcast: Kazuko Fukuda: The Woman of Seven Faces (Criminal Broads)

Anthony Price, author of “The Labyrinth Makers” (1970) and “Other Paths to Glory” (1974) has died. (Do You Write Under Your Own Name)

Interview with L.A. Chandlar, author of the Art Deco Mystery series (Kensington) (Mystery Thriller Week)

Interview with Terry Shames, author of “A Risky Undertaking For Loretta Singletary” (Seventh Street Books, 2019) (MysteryPeople)

Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s June 2019 Book Preview (Vol. 1 Brooklyn)

Claus von Bülow dies (The New York Times)

“Learn the Right Lessons from Naomi Wolf’s Book Blunder” by Philip Cohen (The New Republic)

Book Review: “Council” by Snorri Kristjansson (Quercus) (Crime Fiction Lover)

Book Review: “Breakers” by Doug Johnstone (Orenda, 2019) (Raven Crime Reads)

Short Story: “Wedding Shot over the Wire” by Paul Matts (Punk Noir Magazine)

Podcast: Steve Weddle chatted with Chris F. Holm, Holly West, and Jedidiah Ayres about all things erotic (Seven Minutes With)

Fahrenheit Press announces new imprint, 69Crime. (Fahrenheit Press)

Interview with Robin Agnew (BOLO Books)

“Mixing in Humor with the Thrills” by J. H. Bográn about D.P. Lyle, author of “Sunshine State” (Oceanview Publishing, 2019) (The Big Thrill)

“Ava DuVernay’s ‘When They See Us’ Is a Brutal Look at a 30-Year-Old Injustice” by Zoe Guy (Hyperallergic)

“Ten Fun Things I Learned about Prohibition Cocktails” by Susanna Calkins, author of “Murder Knocks Twice” (Mystery Fanfare)

Book Review: “Run the Wild River” by D.L. Champion (Stark House Press) (Rough Edges)

Short Story: “Like Cattle” by Ashley Sgro (Akashic Books)

Podcast: The boys chat among themselves and then interview Jeffery Deaver (Two Crime Writers and a Microphone)

The artwork for this issue of the Incident Report is by Hugh Joseph Ward or as he’s better known, H.J. Ward.

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