Small Crimes: Tuesday Reads

“Opening Strong” by David Hagerty, author of the Duncan Cochran series (The Thrill Begins)

“Loss and Gratitude” by Travis Richardson, a remembrance of Sandra Seamans (SleuthSayers)

“Writing YA Fiction” by Jen Conley, author of “Seven Ways to Get Rid of Harry” (Down & Out Books, 2019) (Do Some Damage)

Laird Barron’s “Black Mountain” reviewed by Paul J. Garth (Tough)

Tracy Clark’s “Borrowed Time” (Kensington, 2019) by Janet Webb (Criminal Element)

Ralph Dennis’s “Atlanta Deathwatch (Brash Books) by Jochem Vandersteen (Sons of Spade)

Michael J. Seidlinger’s “My Pet Serial Killer” (Fangoria, 2018) by Josh at Just a Guy Who Likes To Read

Tracy Clark’s “Broken Places” (Kensington, 2018) by Kevin Tipple (Kevin’s Corner)

BOLO – Week of June 2, 2019 (BOLO Books)

Short Story: “A Wretch like Me” by Jeanette Cheezum (Punk Noir Magazine)

Book: “Mr. Zero” by Mark Slade (Close to the Bone, 2019)

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