Kill For Me by Rebecca Bradley

Book review of “Kill For Me” by Rebecca Bradley. Published in February 2019.

Grabbing the reader’s attention in a police procedural is a difficult thing to do these days, but with “Kill For Me”, Rebecca Bradley breathes some new life into a genre that is too predictable. Lucy, a single mom, goes to pick up her daughter Faith from school only to find her not there.

In a quick series of events, Lucy finds out her daughter’s been kidnapped and to get her back, Lucy must kill someone, anyone. But Bradley takes this premise one step further, “Kill For Me” turns into a “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly”-style serial killer book. Perhaps everyone will die.

“Kill For Me” is the 5th of Bradley’s Detective Hannah Robbins series and Bradley quickly catches the new reader in a non-repetitive way that won’t bore Bradley’s old readers. There’s a scene that displays the awkwardness of work life between Robbins and her new boss.

‘Yes, I know about the basement and what happened there, what happened to you and to your colleague. I’m so sorry about what you went through, Hannah.’ His voice was quiet.

I didn’t know what to say. I had never spoken of this with him. He had arrived after that job, he had arrived precisely because that job had gone wrong and had never mentioned it. I wasn’t sure why he was discussing it right now. I felt wrong-footed.

When Lucy and others are tasked with murder, Bradley dives into their psyche on whether or not they will commit murder. However, most of their reasoning and feelings remain at the surface level or, worse yet, the question is settled with a few broad, declarative sentences. This sacrifice is made to allow Bradley to ratchet up the action throughout “Kill For Me”. If police procedurals with a psychotic killer are your bag, then Rebecca Bradley’s “Kill For Me” is for you.

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