Small Crimes: Friday Reads

Small Crimes Friday Reads features Dennis Palumbo, Barbara Hodges, Mysterical-E, Billy Kring, MysteryPeople, David Nemeth, Do Some Damage, Stephen Graham Jones, Dzanc Books, Lonestar Lineup, William Dylan Powell, 10th Rule Books, Beau Johnson, Todd More, Patrick Whitehurst, Shotgun Honey, Jeff Vorzimmer, Manhunt, and Stark House Press

Interview with Dennis Palumbo, author of the Daniel Rinaldi series (Mysterical-E)

Interview with Billy Kring, author of the Hunter Kinkaid Mystery Series (MysteryPeople)

“Some Ideas About Running a Noir at the Bar” by David Nemeth (Do Some Damage)

Book Review: “Not for Nothing” by Stephen Graham Jones (Dzanc Books, 2014) (Lonestar Lineup)

Podcast: Beau Johnson’s “Gank” featured (10th Rule Books Old School Radio Serial Podcast)

Short Story: “Cosplayers Shouldn’t Kill” by Patrick Whitehurst (Shotgun Honey)

Book: “The Best of Manhunt” edited by Jeff Vorzimmer (Stark House Press, 2019)

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