Small Crimes: Tuesday Reads

Small Crimes Tuesday Reads features The Digital Reader, Marietta Miles, Kellye Garrett, Steph Post, Ed Aymar, Alex Segura, Polis Books, Liam Sweeny, Eryk Pruitt, Down & Out Books, Angel Luis Colón, S.W. Lauden, Brandon Sears, Shotgun Honey, Tom Leins, and Close to the Bone.

So your book wasn’t a bestseller, this might be a reason why–a remote reason, but a reason nonetheless (The Digital Reader)

Marietta Miles gets together Kellye Garrett, Steph Post, and Ed Aymar to tells us why they love Alex Segura’s Pete Fernandez and the last installment, “Miami Midnight” (Polis Books, 2019) (Do Some Damage)

Liam Sweeny is putting together an anthology to celebrate the opening of Eryk Pruitt’s bar, Yonder: Southern Cocktails and Brew. Sweeney is the author of “Street Whispers” (Down & Out Books, 2019) and Pruitt is the author of Townies (Polis Books, 2019). You can reach Sweeny on Facebook or The Twitter.

Podcast: Angel Luis Colón interviewed S.W. Lauden, author of “That’ll Be The Day” (Self-Published, 2019) (The Bastard Title)

Short Story: “Deep Woods Dispatched” by Brandon Sears (Shotgun Honey)

Book: “Boneyard Dogs” by Tom Leins (Close to the Bone, 2019)

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