Small Crimes: Thursday Reads

Jennifer Kincheloe, author of “The Body in Griffith Park” (Seventh Street Books, 2019) interviewed (Mysteristas)

Alex Segura, author of “Miami Midnight” (Polis Books, 2019) interviewed (The Big Thrill)

“Korean Noir: A Guide to the Classics” by Tanner Talfeski (with links to full movies on YouTube) (CrimeReads)

Book Review: “The Drive-Thru Crematorium” by Jon Bassoff (Eraserhead Press, 2019) (Unlawful Acts)

Book Review: “Crosswise” by S.W. Lauden (Down & Out Books, 2016) (Out of the Gutter)

Book Review: “The Wrong Quarry” by Max Allan Collins (Hard Case Crime, 2014) (Sons of Spade)

Short Story: “The Job” by CJ Grant (Close to the Bone)

Podcast: Sujata Massey, author of “The Satapur Moonstone” (Soho Crime, 2019), interviewed (Reading Women)

Book: “The Best Lousy Choice” by Jim Nesbitt (Self-Published, 2019)

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