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Incident Report No. 82

This edition of the Incident Report covers the world of indie crime fiction for the two weeks of mid-November.

This edition of the Incident Report covers the world of indie crime fiction for the two weeks of mid-November.

Have you stopped by Jedidiah Ayres’s Hardboiled Wonderland yet? He’s invited a slew of people – mostly writers – to list out five forgotten Noir movies. It’s a great series. Some folks to check out are S.A. Cosby, Jake Hinkson, William Boyle, and Scott Adlerberg. But seriously, check out the entire Noirvember series.

All Due Respect Books released their publishing schedule for 2020.

  • January 24: Trevor English 1: this letter from Norman Court by Pablo D’Stair
  • February 21: Stay Ugly by Daniel Vlasaty
  • March 20: Trevor English 2: Mister Trot from tin street by Pablo D’Stair
  • April 17: Man of the World by Paul D. Brazill
  • May 8: Trevor English 3: Helen Topaz, Henry Dollar by Pablo D’Stair
  • June 19: Cutthroat by Paul Heatley
  • July 10: Trevor English 4: Akerman motel/rooms for rent by Pablo D’Stair
  • Aug. 21: The Ancestor by Lee Matthew Goldberg
  • Sept. 18: Blood by Choice by Rob Pierce
  • Oct. 23: Trevor English 5: this gun from Norman Court by Pablo D’Stair
  • Nov. 20: Stone Heart by Scott Grand
  • Dec. 18: Ourobouros by Andrew Davie

Exciting stuff.

Jesse Rawlins has been quite busy of late. The first is her interview with Jason Beech, author of “Never Go Back“. Her second interview is with Paul Matts, author of “Donny Jackal“. And you thought you were hustling.

It’s official, I’m looking forward to the Bouchercon Anthology for 2020. The reason being is that Art Taylor is the editor.

Scott Adlerberg reviews Nick Kolakowski’s “Maxine Unleashes Doomsday” (Down & Out Books) at Do Some Damage. Adlerberg writes that “J.G. Ballard would have been proud”.

Also at Do Some Damage, I wrote this thing about “The Joy of Quitting”.

We’ve learned to tolerate crap as the alphabet police shows and the war-porn that spills onto our movie theatre screens every summer help keep us in a perpetual state of numbness while keeping Comcast and Disney’s pockets stuffed with cash.

New Release post is forthcoming.

Remember the time when a family member might send out an email regarding something innocuous like Olive Garden giving out $500 gift cards or the dangers of drinking cold water after meals and you’d have to correct them with a Snopes link? But times have changed over the last twenty years and the misinformation has moved from email chains to Twitter mobs. But now it’s not as fun and maybe even dangerous. Just ask Brooke Nelson.

An Aberdeen (South Dakota) News article about the Common Read at Northern State Unversity had the following midway through the article:

During her junior year, Brooke Nelson said she fought hard against a Sarah Dessen book being selected.

“She’s fine for teen girls,” the 2017 Northern graduate said. “But definitely not up to the level of Common Read. So I became involved simply so I could stop them from ever choosing Sarah Dessen.”

Sarah Dessen must spend her days Googling herself because she found this article What happened next was ugly.

And then it got worse.

From Roxanne Gay to Jodi Picault, the attacks came and they didn’t stop. Here’s an example from Jennifer Weiner:

Author Jennifer Weiner, who has made a career of defending so-called chick lit from misogynist criticism, elaborated. “When we tell teenage girls that their stories matter less—or not at all—there are real-world consequences,” she tweeted. She added the hashtag #MeToo and linked to a Vox story about why it took so long for the teenage victims of gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar to be heard. Incredibly, the implication seemed to be that there was a connection between sexual assault and the literary taste of one committee member of a small college’s common reading program.

Everyone has apologized and, more importantly, deleted their wrong-headed and vicious tweets, so the Twitterverse will go on from here, pretending nothing has happened, and await their next prey.

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