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Incident Report No. 83

This edition of the Incident Report covers the world of indie crime fiction for the last of November.

This edition of the Incident Report covers the world of indie crime fiction for the last of November.

Jedidiah Ayres wraps up Noirvember at Hardboiled Wonderland, read his wrap-up.

So what does Jedidiah due for an encore, how about crime fiction Christmas movies. Kicking off December is Sandra Ruttan on “In Bruges” and Josh Woods on “The Godfather”. I’ll be participating in this whacky celebration of Christmas.

Have you checked out the ebook sale at Down & Out Books?

On this special sale page you will find links to purchase digital titles published in early 2019 by Down & Out Books from our Bookstore or from all major online booksellers. All titles are priced at $2.99 for the ebook format; prices are valid from Monday, November 25th, 2019 through Sunday, January 5th, 2020. Titles on this page are sorted alphabetically by author’s last name.

Over at Mystery Tribune, Richie Narvaez on “Sticking It To The Man: Revolution and Counterculture in Pulp and Popular Fiction, 1950 to 1980”, edited by Iain McIntyre and Andrew Nette.

I wrote this thing on Do Some Damage on the anthology “Dark Yonder” edited by Liam Sweeney. Yeah, I have a story in it too.

The newly released anthology, “Dark Yonder”, is more than a bunch of writers toasting the opening of Eryk Pruitt and Lana Pierce’s bar, Yonder: Southern Cocktails & Brew, it is also a celebration of the work and life of Eryk’s mother, Jan Pruitt, who died in January 2017. Jan “served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) from 1997-2016.” The NTFB provides 200,000 meals every day to residents of North Texas. A portion of the money raised from the sales of “Dark Yonder” will go to the NTFB.

Some submission info. Pulp Modern will have a 24-hour window open for submissions on January 8, 2020. Rock and a Hard Place is currently open for submssions. Write, submit, repeat.

Over at Punk Noir Magazine, Paul D. Brazill recommends Rob Pierce’s “Tommy Shakes” (All Due Respect) saying, “Think of a lethal cocktail of Charles Bukowski and Eddie Bunker and you’re halfway there.”

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