Small Crimes: Tuesday Reads

Gerald So, Derringer Awards, Tiny Tales podcast, Darrent Sant, Punk Noir, Art of the Grift, K.A. Laity, Margaret Miller, Noir Photographs, Fragments of Noir, B.R. Stateham, Fahrenheit Press

Gerald So interviewed everyone, well, almost everyone nominated for a Derringer Award this year. (So You Want To Chat?)

Tiny Tales is a new podcast a homemade punk rock ethos featuring multi-genre fiction and poetry. It is hosted by Darrent Sant (Punk Noir)

K. A. Laity on learning the grift from movies (Punk Noir)

Review of Margaret Millar’s “Beast in View” (1958) (Mystery Tribune)

Big Lonely City #95, a noir photographic series (Fragments of Noir)

A new book by B.R. Stateham, “Lenny” (Fahrenheit Press)

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