Small Crimes: Thursday Reads

Small Crimes Thursday features K. A. Laity, Martin H. Goldsmith, Punk Noir, Peter Derk, LitReactor, Renato Bratkovič, Max Allan Collins, Criminal Element, Daniel Vlasaty, All Due Respect, This Desperate City, Scott D. Parker, Jim Hamilton, Shotgun Honey, James L’Etoile, Dana King, Wrong Place Write Crime, X, Pitchfork, R.G. Belsky, and Oceanview Publishing.

K. A. Laity on “Detours”, the book by Martin H. Goldsmith and the two films based on the book (Punk Noir)

If you’re angry at a person and you want to kill them in your book, Peter Derk proposes an alternate way to deal with that anger (LitReactor)

Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer: Renato Bratkovič (Punk Noir)

Interview with Max Allan Collins (Criminal Element)

Book Review: “Stay Ugly” by Daniel Vlasaty (All Due Respect) (This Desperate City)

Scott D. Parker to read and record the entirety of his book, “Wading into War” (Scott D. Parker)

“Revolver”, a short story, by Jim Hamilton (Shotgun Honey)

Podcast: James L’Etoile interviewed by Dana King (Wrong Place, Write Crime)

X release a new album called “Alphabetland” and you can listen to it for free (Pitchfork)

“The Last Scoop” by R.G. Belsky (Oceanview Publishing)

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