Native American Crime Fiction, Punctuation, and Nikki Dolson

“Native American Crime Fiction, Punctuation, and Nikki Dolson” features way too many links from Labor Day Weekend.

Featured Book

“Love and Other Criminal Behavior” by Nikki Dolson (Bronzeville Books; 2020) (Bronzeville Books)


“Seven Essential Native American Crime Novels” by David Heska Wanbli Weiden, author of “Winter Counts” (Ecco; 2020) (Strand Magazine)

And the chatter begins for E.A. Barres’s “They’re Gone” (Crooked Lane Books; 2020) (Do Some Damage)

Interview with V.M. Burns, author of “Paw and Order (Kensington; 2020) (Crimespree Magazine)

“A History of Punctuation” by Florence Hazrat (Aeon)

Nathan Ma on the perpetual death-throes of zines . . . especially during the pandemic (The Baffler)

On the future of political thrillers featuring James McCrone’s self-published “Emergency Powers” (2020) (The Dorset Book Detective)

James Scott Bell has some ideas on how to write through the sluggishness of COVID-19 (

New Releases ~ Week of September 6, 2020 (dru’s book musings)

Joe Hartlaub on a writing lesson he learned from reading Stephen King’s “Cujo” (Kill Zone)

Besides being a shitty writer, Dan Brown is a shitty person. (The New York Times)

“Five Novels On Motherhood and Maternal Fear” by Kate Riorden, author of “The Heatwave” (Grand Central Publishing; 2020) (Strand Magazine)


The best recent crime and thrillers – review roundup including “Blacktop Wasteland” by SA Cosby, “The Boy’s Club” by Erica Katz, “True Story” by Kate Reed Petty, “The Silence” by Susan Allott, and “Ash Mountain” by Helen Fitzgerald (The Guardian)

“Nostromo” by Joseph Conrad (1904) (FictionFan’s Book Reviews)

“Fifty Fifty” by Steve Cavanagh (Flatiron; 2020) (

“Past Tense” by Catherine Aird (Minotaur Books; 2011) (Kevin’s Corner)

“Where the Bullets Fly” by Terrence McCauley (Pinnacle Books; 2018) (Pulp Fiction Reviews)

“Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio” by Derf Backderf (Abrams Comicarts; 2020) (Lesa’s Book Critiques)

“Blood of Empire” by Brian McClellan (Orbit; 2019) (Kevin’s Corner)

“Russian Roulette: The Life and Times of Graham Greene” by Richard Greene (Little, Brown; 2020) (The Spectator)

“Winter Counts” by David Heska Wanbli Weiden (Ecco; 2020) (Air Mail)


“The Seven Doors” by Agnes Ravatn (Orenda Books; 2020) (Nordic Noir)

Short Stories and Poems

“Phoebe: by J. M. Moultrie (Close To The Bone)

“£10 per day” by Ian Lewis Copestick (Punk Noir Magazine)

“Donors” by Craig Francis Coates (All Due Respect)


15.36: Collaboration, with Shannon and Dean Hale (Writing Excuses)

Creativity, Business, And Ambition With Emily Kimelman (The Creative Penn)

Episode #519: 15 Steps to Self-Publish Your Book (Helping Writers Become Authors)

Cold Cases, Hollywood and Homicide with Kellye Garrett (It’s a Mystery Podcast)

Other Media

Works by Renato Fratini (The Stiletto Gumshoe)

Big Lonely City #122 (Fragments of Noir)

Review of “Tenet” directed by Christopher Nolan (Dead End Follies)

Cahalen Morrison’s “Wealth of Sorrow” (Saving Country Music)

Dirty Femmes (Fragments of Noir)

“A Very American Zombie Virus in ‘Blood Quantum'” by Robert Sullivan (The New York Review of Books)

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