Strand, Sin, and Winter Counts

Friday afternoon’s Small Crimes includes David Heska Wanbli Weiden, the Strand Bookstore, Paul D. Marks, Dana King, Lee Matthew Goldberg, and more.

Featured Book

“Winter Counts” by David Heska Wanbli Weiden (Ecco Press; 2020) (Ecco Press)


Management problems at New York City’s Strand Bookstore (The Baffler)

Interview with Nancy Jooyoun Kim, author of “The Last Story of Mina Lee” (Park Row; 2020) (CrimeReads)

Paul D. Marks, author of “The Blues Don’t Care” (Down & Out Books; 2020), on the issues with marketing a book in the time of COVID-19 (Criminal Minds)

Dana King, author of the Penns River series, on James Ellroy’s “The Cold Six Thousand” (One Bite at a Time)

“Hate the Sin, Not the Book” by Alan Jacobs (The Atlantic)

“The Ancestor” by Lee Matthew Goldberg (All Due Respect Books; 2020) (Bibliotica)

“Saturday Night Off” by Linda Boroff (Close To The Bone), story

3 Meanings of ‘Out of Pocket’ (Grammar Girl), podcast

Illustrations by Miles Hyman (Fragments of Noir)

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