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Incident Report No. 91

The Incident Report features Yonder’s Noir at the Bar, Rachel Howzell Hall, Frank Zafiro, Walter Mosley, and much more.

Yonder’s Noir at the Bar was a highlight for me last week. Each writer brought it from Katy Munger’s smokey performance to S.A. Cosby reading from a funeral home. It was fantastic to kick off with Christa Faust and Russell Johnson, and I was unsure if the readings could continue as such a high level. I got to see Johnny Shaw read and later that same night, I picked up his latest “The Southland”, which I am enjoying greatly. But the night, the night belonged to Eryk Pruitt and his performance piece. I’ve paused the Noir at the Bar video a few seconds before Eryk’s reading.

If you have a spare dime or two, why don’t you buy a t-shirt or maybe Venmo them a tip.

On Tuesday first thing or thereabouts, I’ll be out buying the new Rachel Howzell Hall book, “And Now She’s Gone”.

I’ve been a fan of hers since I read the first in her Eloise Norton series and then last year’s “They All Fall Down” which is so good. Great writing and story telling.

Hall is one of the best crime writers today and a new book of hers should bring excitement to all readers. She’s that good.

I’m putting this here for me as much as you. Last week Frank Zafiro had chance to interview Walter Mosley. I haven’t been able to get around to listen to it yet. Who knows, today might be the day.

Some highlights of last week’s published links.

Donald Ray Pollock, author of “The Devil All the Time” (2011), is interviewed on Terri Gross’s “Fresh Air”.

Jim Thomsen reviews “A Man’s Game,” by Newton Thornburg (1996) as part of The Rap Sheet’s “The Book You Have to Read” series.

Over at Punk Noir Magazine, K.A. Laity reviews the supernatural noir film, “Cast a Deadly Spell” (1991) staring Fred Ward.

Over at LA Review of Books, Kathleen B. Jones reviews two new film noir books which focus on women: “Hollywood Producer Joan Harrison, the Forgotten Woman Behind Hitchcock” by Christina Lee (Chicago Review Press; 2020) and “The Autobiography of Veronica Lake” by Veronica Lake (Dean Street Press; 2020)

Dietrich Kalteis interviews Rob Pierce, author of the soon-to-be-released “Blood by Choice” (All Due Respect Books; 2020).

The incomparable Joe R. Lansdale is interviewed by Scott Montgomery over at MysteryPeople.

“The Ancestor” by Lee Matthew Goldberg is out at All Due Respect Books. As Matt Phillips said, “I expected a crime novel, but I got a spell-binding epic, an epistolary revelation, a tale as rich as a paying gold mine.”

“The Otsego House”, a short story, by DAH at Close to the Bone.

“Carrion Heart”, a short story, by Nicholas Kish at Shotgun Honey.

Over at CrimeReads, “The Evolution of Joe Lansdale’s Hap and Leonard” by Scott Montgomery.

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I thought S.A. Cosby’s reading was out of the park and I hope someday he puts out a collection of short stories. And to get to see and hear the irreverent Christa Faust, so much fun. One of these days I’m going to make it to one of these conventions when things get back to normal.

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