Get Carter, Audible, and Heather Harper Ellett

The Wednesday morning edition of Small Crimes features Cory Doctorow, Rachel Howzell Hall, Stephen J. Golds, Ron Rash, and more.

“Ain’t Nobody Nobody” by Heather Harper Ellett (Polis Books; 2019) now available in paperback.

“We Need to Talk About Audible” by Cory Doctorow at Publishers Weekly. It’s a quick essay on the problems with DRM.

Rachel Howzell Hall on the art of disappearing.

A chat on BBC Radio 3 with Nick Triplow on “Get Carter”.

New flash fiction by Stephen J. Golds at Pulp Modern Flash.

At Punk Noir Magazine, poetry by Eliana Vanessa.

At Fragments of Noir, photographs by Goran Pavletic.

Album review of Tyler Childers’s “Long Violent History”.

Courtesy of Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC, an interview with Randall Kenan and Ron Rash. Kenan is the author of “If I Had Two Wings: Stories” (Norton; 2020) and Rash’s new book is “In the Valley” (Doubleday; 2020).

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