Arlo Guthrie, Fascism, and Pablo D’Stair

The Thursday edition of Small Crimes includes Pablo D’Stair, Gabino Iglesias, Michela Murgia, Frank Zafiro, Colin Conway, and more.

“Helen Topaz, Henry Dollar” by Pablo D’Stair (All Due Respect Books; 2020)

Gabino Iglesias on some editing tricks that will make your writing better at LitReactor.

A new issue of Crime Review is out.

Arlo Guthrie on boiling guitar strings at Twangville.

Cheap Pop delivers new short fiction, “Chiefs”, by Joshua Bohnsack.

Review of “Badge Heavy: A Charlie 316 Novel” by Frank Zafiro and Colin Conway (Down & Out Books; 2020) at Kevin’s Corner.

Review of “How to Be a Fascist” by Michela Murgia (Penguin; 2020)

Review of David Heska Wanbli Weiden’s “Winter Counts” at Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

Review of “Brothers Keepers” by Donald E. Westlake at Crime Fiction Lover.

Hey, I’m not a cat person, but even I found this interesting, a review of “Catland: The Soft Power of Cat Culture in Japan” by Sarah Archer (Countryman Press; 2020) at Broad Street Review.

Lee Matthew Goldberg interviewed by Frank Zafiro on the podcast Wrong Place, Write Crime

A new episode of Writers Detective Bureau is out: “Old Crime Scenes, Cellphone Location Tracking, Investigating a Child Death, and Police Reform”

The photography series, “Big Lonely City”, continues at Fragments of Noir.

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