Ludwig Wittgenstein, Dharma Kelleher, and Nick Quantrill

The Friday edition of Small Crimes features Nick Quantrill, Susanna Lee, Mark McConville, Southern Review of Books, and more.

“Sound of Sinners” by Nick Quantrill (Fahrenheit Press; 2020)

Watch “The Social Dilemma”

“The Philosopher and the Detectives: Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Enduring Passion for Hardboiled Fiction” at CrimeReads.

Fuck, we can never have anything good anymore: “The Hidden Costs of Streaming Music”.

Review of “Blood Sisters” by Dharma Kelleher (2020) at Sons of Spade.

Review of “Detectives In The Shadows” by Susanna Lee (Johns Hopkins University Press; 2020) at The Stiletto Gumshoe.

Colman Keane picks up Ruth Rendell’s “A Sight for Sore Eyes” (1998) and he’s delightfully surprised.

New flash fiction by Mark McConville at Bristol Noir.

Review of “When These Mountains Burn” by David Joy (Putnam’s; 2020)

Stuart Neville joins the boys at the podcast, Two Crime Writers and a Microphone.

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